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Off Road Vehicle - 4WD Thread?

There are a lot of off-road trails in the San Gabriels, jeep trails for 4WD vehicles. "Backcountry Adventures" THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO THE BACKCOUNTRY FOR ANYONE WITH A SPORT UTILITY VEHICLE - by Peter Massey and Jeanne Wilson (I own a copy of the book, love it, but am not offering this as any type of solicitation) has an extensive list of off-road trails in the San Gabriels.

While my passion is hiking - My vice is having fun with my 4WD..

Just thought it might be a good "Thread" idea.

Go for it.

I'd add, but I was too young when we went out and found some pools of water with trout in them and all sortsa junk.

I can't afford an OHV, so I drive my Chevrolegs... Laughing

I prefer to keep this forum to physical activities, but thank you for the suggestion,


BTW, thread vs. new section, Christina.

Anybody object with a thread in the General Discussion section for OHV/4WD versus putting in a new section (which most likely won't get attention)?

No problem guys, I think I misunderstood the title of this forum. I noticed fauna and flora, trail biking, and just thought another very popular activity was appropriate. My bad. I tried to cut and paste the header for this board, but I guess it got a little messed up.

"San Gabriel Mountains
Open discussion board for activities in the San Gabriel Mountains."

Gotcha - now I understand.

P.S. - Yeah Taco, I guess I meant "new section" as opposed to "thread" - my bad again. My guy buddies would love to invite some of you on a ride to watch you get "physical" inside the vehicle while they negotiate certain parts. They love the fact that a girly like me can hike with the best of you guys, but can hang with them in a 4WD. But I also understand the "Chevrolegs" thing.

After enough hiking, you can afford a Legsus.

No need for the sarcasm now. Laughing

I got a real chuckle out of watching a bunch of "Clucking Hens" on another site clucking to each other about my saying I'd like to see some of you guys getting "physical" in the 4WD while my guy buds negotiate some of their moves. By "physical" I meant watching somebody squirm and do all the other things people do when they are gettin the bejeezers scared out of them riding in a 4WD while its negotiating some serious moves. I didn't say it in a mean way, just meant that some of you might enjoy the rush of a 4WD experience, given that the San Gabriel area is a pretty popular area for the OHV crowd.

But their minds went in another direction.. Mostly in the gutter. One said "Huh"? I think a better reaction from that person would have been his usual "Duhh??" And the others had their usual reaction - cluck cluck cluck to each either like a bunch of clucking hens.

My apoligies to this board for suggesting a subject outside the intent of the forum. But you guys are welcome to come along on some wild rides. Let me know. We're straight, we tolerate people with alternative lifestyles, but prefer not to socialize with them. Just a personal choice. Maybe that's why we don't care for a lot of people on the "other" message board that had all the clucking going on.

I edited this post because I couldn't help but notice that the software that supplies this site decided to include 2 out of 3 ads that deal with 4WD vehicles on the bottom of my post. hmmmm - come on guys get with it...

Alright, nevermind.. No more 4WD talk from me.. Luv you guys Forum Index -> Admin & Tech Support
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