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Uncle Rico

Observation Point - Zion National Park

Got to visit Zion over the Thanksgiving weekend and hike up to Observation Point. Crowded, but always a good time with amazing scenery and wildlife sightings. A little delinquent on the TR. Happy Holidays everyone.



I read your report. You have been so lucky to see Big Horn Sheep lately.
When Sean and I went to Zion last year we weren't as fortunate as you to see much wildlife, however we had more time on our hands to explore Weeping Rock, swim through the narrows and hike up some awesome trails in the snow. When you go back you must hike up the Red Cliffs!

WOW awesome big horn pic!

Keep them blog posts coming....appreciate it. Nice year you had...zig zagging around.

Great sheep pic! How close did you get?
I really need to get up there one of these days. Drove through Zion years ago but didn't stop to explore.
Uncle Rico

Thanks guys/gals. Fun trip in gorgeous country.

Great sheep pic! How close did you get?

Too close Jeff. I was about 10 yards I'm guessing. Very exciting, but Big Horns are big, intimidating beasts up close. Lol. Forum Index -> Other Ranges
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