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Creek levels may be slightly higher this year...
Baldy Ski Hut
Good time to hike 3 T's & Cucamonga & Camp @ Kelly's
Mt Williamson
Crystal Lake Ness Sighted! Dramatic New Evidence!
crystal lake to islip and/or windy gap this tuesday, 7am
Lawlor? Strawberry?
Pot Farms in our mountains
Happy Birthday Merle
Look! A PARTY!!
Places to avoid...
Mt Baldy
Anyone going up baldy Monday?
Trail Maintenance - West Fork
Help Identifying Peaks?
INTROS - New members, introduce yourself here!
Fellows Camp
Iron Mountain
Heading up to Badly on Wed 3/16
Bridge to nowhere
Vicent Gap to East Fork
Ski Mountaineering
Kickass Singletrack
1 -2 day 03/11/11
friday... monrovia peak? mt wilson toll road? .... ?
upcoming hikes for this next year or so
Flagrant Mislabeling of Mountains
Mt Baldy this week?
Most remote places in the San Gabriels
Powell/ Baldy 2 in 1 ?
Futbol or Football
"Summit Registers"
? Regarding the 'Ice House Canyon' name ?
It's lottery time!
Talk about an Epic 2011
"Sanctum" Movie Night at Citywalk
Support Big City Mountaineers and My Senior Project
Feb or March Baldy Climb
Bailey Cnyn - Hastings Peak - Toll Road - Mt. Wilson Trail
Clamshell Peak, Monrovia Peak
can someone suggest a hike for me tomorrow?
Baldy to Glendora on GMR
East Fork, Big Santa Anita Canyon
Winter Ascent Mt. Baldy Monday January 24th, 2011
ISBA - "Killer Crevasse" this Wed
Reel Rock Tour in Pasadena Feb 2
Summiting with out your packs
Forest Aid: Angeles
Dry Tooling
Bear Canyon - Sunday 26 December
Scottish Icetrip
Cattle Canyon Tungsten Mine?
Announcing a new "Section"
Ski Hut Tree Angels
John Long
winter campgrounds near Wrightwood and Big Bear
Basic Mountaineering Orientation - Winter 2011
The Nature Man of Mount Wilson
Speaking of mt. bikes & hiking trails
Jordan Romero at Caltech in Pasadena on Nov 23
John Long at Griffith Park
cucamonga wilderness permits?
Place a bet on your local forum admin!
"Photography on the Run" on the closure
Manker-Iron-Manker tonight
Spetsnaz Mountaineering Clip - LOL
Station Fire Congressional Hearing, Pasadena, 10/12/10
10-10-10 Inspiration Point anybody?
White Mountain & Onion Valley Road
Mind Boggling [solo climbing]
Eispiraten gun nuts?
Frozen Waterfalls in the San Gabriel Mountains
Baldy Endurance Test
Book question~ The Big Burn: Teddy Roosevelt and the Fire th
Stockton Flat - Baldy Notch - Better Route?
Whitney Portal - Sleeping in car at trailhead
what happened to R J Secor ???
Question of the Day
Tiburcio Vasquez
Field Guide to the San Gabriel Mountains
how do i get in touch with the los angeles national forest ?
Tired of the drive N?Here's a Cheap Fare Sale LAX to Mammoth
Angeles Crest 100 is on this year
The Principles of Conservation - USFS
What Do You Think of San Gabriel Mountains Forever?
4 Half Dome Permits for 8-28 Available for Free
John Muir's First Adventure in the San Gabriels
Where is the best place in the SG mountains to get Solitude?
Old old old San Gabriel trips
Name that bridge
Relay for life American Cancer Society.
"The Story" on Adams' Pack Station
OT - 4 Half Dome Permits for 8-28 Available for Free
1-Day Canyoneering Basics workshop 7/30
Do you need Permits for camping in the Angeles NF?
George Duffy: February 16, 1937 – July 8, 2010
Big dry waterfall in SGC
Holy cow, Taco, have you seen where CJW's been this month?
Canyoneering - Anytime
Best Discalimer Ever
LA Times aricle on night hikes near LA
Yosemite Decimal System (YDS)
Saturday - SGMDF Baldy Hike & San Antonio Falls Canyonee
WildCAD typos
Mormon Rocks Climbing History
The SoCal Hike Project
Full moon this Saturday night
Music In The Mountains
Which peaks have you climbed?
Bailey Canyon question
Turn outs
How not to do self-arrest
South Fork Saturday!
Mountain Biking
Iron Mountain info please
Liquid Mountaineering
Vincent Gap to Pine and Wrightwood
Mt Baldy Adventure Race - BRAINSTORM!
Sierra Descents: Couloir to Nowhere
Rocky Horror Climbing Show
Permit needed for hike to Mt. Wilson via Chantry Flats?
Geology of the San Gabriel Mountains
North Face the Movie
Leave *nothing* behind
Mt. Baldy + 3 Ts 5/22
San Gabriel East Fork- Anyone seen this person?
climbing for beginners
Epoch Climb
LA Times Article on Adams's Pack Station
The Banff Film Festival!
Kelly's Camp and Ontario Peak, 3-4 April
Baldy Bowl on Thursday, March 25
March 28 Midnight Climb
12 days in a snow cave on McKinley
Ontario Peak (3/17/2010)
Baldy on the 20th
Paragliding the Himalayas with iPhones (Article)
Ontario Peak, NW drainage access?
Banff Film Festival, Tuesday March 23 in Pasadena
Hey, you! Wanna go?
Trail camping on snow without hiking through it?
Anything fun this Sat 2/27?
Baldy Friday March 5, 12, or 19?
Anyone climb the couloir left of San Antonio Falls?
Cucamonga Peak from the South???
Falling Fir Ridge on Summitpost
The big snow of 1922. An amazing true story
Plans for Super Bowl Sunday?
Wanted: List of highest California peaks in each range
Hiking Science Blog
would it be possible to get up on baldy without crampons ?
Mt. Whitney: June 2010
looking for a practice ski slope
Baldy overnight Sat with late start.
Trail Cam Catches Thief!
Baldy Randonnée Race
Baldy on Thursday Jan-28-2010
MT HOOD - May 25, 2010
Baldy on Sunday 24th
Rim of the World Rally - San Gabriel Mountain Stages
Friday Morning 1/22 Baldy area Snowshoe Trek?
Breaking Trail
Trail Maintenance Training
san gabriel canyon (39) or glendora rd to East Fork?
Crisis? What Crisis?
the 'Guess the Photo' thread
Plans Software Brainstorming (Formerly PnP Harwood NE Face)
"hard" hike/climb Weds/Thurs
Kid Friendly snowshoe hike ideas sought
IHC 2 IHS 2 Big Horn, Ontario and Cucamonga
Big Horn / Ontario Peak
Hikers Anonymous
Baldy Accident - Lessons Learned
Mt Shasta in 2010
Baldy on Saturday, January 30th, 2010..
Baldy on Thursday Dec-17-2009
Warning signs
Baldy Lodge Sunday 12-13-09 2PM
Advice regarding Baden Powell
Finally a REAL storm!
Who's doing what this Saturday 12-5-09?
Anyone going up Baldy Saturday?
The 39
Baldy on Thanksgiving Day?
Winter is here!
Camera Trapping - Henninger Flat this weekend
My review of "Crazy for the Storm"
Long free hanging rappels -locally-
Fish Fork
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