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Big Santa Anita Canyoneering
Trail condition - Dawn Mine to Tom Sloan Saddle?
Guffy To Wright Mtn - 04-JUL-2017
falling rock cyn/sugarloaf ridge
Triple Divide (Peak 6760)
Mount Hawkins and Copter Ridge this Sunday
Hunter's Ridge
Calamity Peak (5800')
Baldy overnight
C-46A debris in Punchbowl Canyon
Cheater Mt Gleason TR
Great Falls of the Fox
Eaton Saddle Loop 5/28/17
Good Canyon-Round 3
Peak 7473 (Microwave Center)
Middle Eaton Canyon exploration
Islip Saddle - South Fork - Vincent Gap - PCT Loop
Gold Ridge Highpoint and Baldy Notch
Spring Snow at Crystal Lake
Peak 6306 (Little Rock Mtn)
Baldy April 17
Summit4Sam Baldy Hike - April 15
Strawberry Season
Good Canyon to 9 K on Ski Hut trail
Falling Rock Canyon to Ontario and Big Horn
Bear to Baldy
Silver Mtn 3385'
Saucer Branch traverse
Bobcat Knob and Peak 6629
San Tony Classic (NBB>NF>SART)
Newcomb Peak and Peak 4492
Markham South 3/11/17
The Fake Mt. Fuji
Hunting Waterfalls
Sentinel Peak 2843'
Baldy Bowl, Telegraph Peak NW Face (x2), Kimchi Ridge
Elsmere Watershed Loop (Los Pinetos Pk & Top Hat)
Beartrap Peak and Fire Camp 16
Mt Wilson Loop Bike Ride
Ephemeral Waterfalls of San Gabriel Canyon
Cape Horn Falls
Trail Canyon: an Un-Trip Report
Monrovia Hillside Wilderness Preserve
Mt. Baldy Area - TRs from 2015 to Present
Bichota Canyon Road from Pigeon Ridge Road (2-5-17)
Silver Fish Road to Sentinel Peak
Beautiful Day On Bonita Peak
Mt Wilson main trail
Pine Canyon Scramble to SCE Tractor Trail (East Segment)
East Ridge ascent to West Mt. Fuji & Mt Lowe Benchmarks
Water AND Snow at Switzers
Waterman in the Snow
Telegraph in the snow
Snowboard Wright Moutain
Looking for N324RS in all the wrong places
Big Potato Loop lots of pics
Eastern SGs: Bullock Spur 1N36 1/2/17
White Christmas
Frankish archaeology
Monrovia Peak
Etiwanda ridge
Snow Day!
Bailey canyon - Jones Pk - Mt Wilson trail
new kids on the block
Buell's Tunnel Found!
South Hawkins Ridge Traverse | Shoemaker Cyn to Crystal Lake
Vincent Gap to Vincent Gulch + Plane Crash Site + Water
Mt Lukens #1061 & Half Marathon
Falling Rock Canyon to Sugarloaf
Little Jimmy, Mt. Islip
Islip Peak, with Little Jimmy Spring water report
Via Internet: Stranded on Baden-Powell Jan 2014
Baldora (or is it Widco?)
Vincent Gap to Point 6025' (Gulch Merge Peak)
Zion loop, Spruce Grove & Hoegee's water report
Wild View Peak (plus water report)
AFH Benchmark Hunts (Cole, Falcon, and Alimony)
Alimony Ridge
Local Peaks and Tanks on Lukens Road (Pickens and Hawks)
Winston Ridge to Pt. 6850
A Couple Loops In Claremont
New look on Baldy
Barley Flats and the Art of Benchmark Maintenance
Mt Harvard, Mt Yale and the search for 44-24918
Rearguard Mountain (Peak 6930) via Bear Flat
Semi urban hike, Johnson's Pasture
lower Fox Creek 8/14/16
Hills of the Cajon Pass (Plus Texas Hill)
Internet: South/North over 4 days(Etiwanda to Valyermo)
Goode Canyon-West Chute to Baldy
Turtle's Beak (or should it be "Masochism Point"?)
Mt. Burnham via Lodgepole Picnic Area (HPS Route #3)
Mostly Driving Penstock and Lytle Creek Ridges
POIs on Glendora Ridge
Harwood via Register Ridge
Small Peaks in Big Pines
Delight Peaks (West Ridge of Waterman)
2016.07.07 Bear Canyon sawyer completed
Cessna #N133BW Crash Site
Peak 2589 (Macho Taco) via Burrito Peak
2016-06-16 Bear Canyon sawyer
Telegraph Peak photosphere
South-approach Stoddard Report and Loss of Access...!!
Buckhorn to Peak 6320+ (Bear Creek)
Monrovia Canyon Park to Spring Camp by bike
Peak 7625 (Avalanche View)
Mt. McKinley and Iron #2 Loop
Baldy holiday
Cabins, falls, mines in East Fork
The pole has been accessed
Photos: Bridge to Nowhere
Copter Ridge
5/7 Trip Report - A Cold, Icy Baldy via Old Baldy Trail
Devil’s Chair via South Fork/Big Rock Creek
Up Cloudburst Canyon (Red Box Area)
Bare Mountain
PCT Mile 347 to 369 May 11
Monte Cristo 4-Pack: Iron, Roundtop, Granite and Rabbit
Cascade Cyn to Turtle's Beak to Ontario Pk
Icehouse Canyon to Bighorn Peak, January 16 2016
Register Ridge Snow Hike, January 9 2016
Two Days, Two Ridges (Bailey-Hastings and Lower Santa Anita)
Third Stream Falls (Middle Fork Lytle Creek)
We Be In Clear Creek Narrows, Yo
Pallett Benchmark North ridge
Lower San Antonio Watershed Loop
Timber Mtn
Hoyt Mountain Loop (from Clear Creek)
Islip Saddle to Dawson Saddleish via Hwy2 3/26
Islip Saddle to Devil's Chair
Lower Devil's Canyon
Video – Browns Flat. Anyone make this trip recently?
No Thrill on Thrall
Alimony Rd to PVR to Devils Punchbowl
Monte Cristo Four-peak Loop
Solo San Antonio Ridge Traverse
Baldy Bowl January 10th, never too late
Mt. Lukens: Crescenta View-Rim of the Valley Loop
Baden-Powell 2-20-16
East Fork Big Santa Anita Creek
Mt. Baldy, rescues and more rescues: 06-Feb-2016
Snowshoe to Little Jimmy CG via fire road 2/6/16
Trail conditions for Mt. Baldy
High Desert Trail to Devil's Chair
Hiking with Dogs: Mt. Baden-Powell, December 13 2015
Trail Canyon Update and Hike
Chalk Peak via Timber Gulch
Trail Conditions: Icehouse Cyn, Bighorn Pk, & Cucamonga
Trail & Snow Conditions: Register Ridge, January 9 2016
Found on internet: Etiwanda Canyon Day Hike
Stockton Flat to North Fork Lytle Creek Tributary
Icehouse New Year
Mount Waterman seasonal waterfall 1/1/16
Kerkhoff Canyon
Cabin Hunting in Dark Canyon
Trail & Snow Conditions: Mt. Baden-Powell, Dec 13 2015
Cabin ruins across Newcombs?
Fire Camp 19 to Bichota and Burro Peaks
Arroyo Seco: a semi-urban safari
Zion loop, Spruce Grove, Sturtevant Camp, Hoegee's
pk 6649 of West Twin Peaks 11/10/15
Oakwilde access: 2015 edition
Dawson Pk, Pine Mt. and Mt. Baldy via N. Backbone, 10/11/15
Ralston Peak
Kenyon Devore, West Fork, and Newcomb Peak
Skull Canyon to Lower Devils Canyon
Alone time climbing action - Oct 6
San Gabriel Peak via Fallout Canyon (aka Disappointment Cyn)
Occidental Peak Traverse
Ross Mountain via Heaton Flat
Saucer Canyon Mine
Iron Mountain's North Ridge
Barley Flats
Scrambling to The Pinnacle
Blue Ridge CG to Wright Mtn Bald Spot
mid country report
Sunset and moonrise
Waterman, with lunch
Etiwanda Peak
Beer Creek - To 2nd Camp From West Fork Road
20150801 Sheep Canyon Headwall - Painslut 5.8 R/X
Psychout Ridge
Mt Williamson NE ridge
20150724 Kimchi Ridge to Ontario Summit
Echo->Castle Canyon->Idlehour->Mt. Wilson Toll Road
Soba Ridge to Sheep Canyon to Fir Draw
Chantry Flats - Mt. Wilson Loop 7/10 & 7/11/2015
Boxcar ridge debris field
TR: Hawkins, Burnham, and Baden-Powell, June 2015
East Fork SG river 7/2-7/3 Heaton to Alder Gulch
First Baldy
CCC Ridge to Oakwilde (Historical Site)
Yet Another North Backbone Report
A mine and a gully to Devil's Canyon
Crystal Lake Wall - Climbing and Shtuff
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