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20120701 Them's Good Eaton
Trail Canyon - Lightning - Condor - Fox
3rd time to Baldy summit in 1 week
Cucamonga Peak June 23
Third Stream Crossing 6/23/2012
Cucamonga Peak (6/24/2012)
Add: Canyoning near Caltech 6/25
Walkies! (no run) 'n pics on Mt. Baldy Trail from village
20120620 SA Falls
20120625 Sheep Cyn
Register Ridge Sucks..........
Baldy solstice
Upper Fish Fork
Gabrieleno Trail, Chantry Flats to Switzer's 6/15-6/17/12
Baldy hike/run
Bighorn Peak Overnight
Little Jimmy, first backpack trip in 25 years...
Three cold nights at Kelly Camp, Memorial Day Weekend 2012
Baden Powell
06092012 Baldy Loop
June 6, Mt. Wilson from Chantry Flats
Idlehour 6/3/12
Twin Peaks and Bear Cub
Middle Fork - Etiwanda - Cucamonga
Ontario and Bighorn
Trail Canyon 5/27/12
Mt Lukens via Stone Cyn Trail -summit 1038-
Eclipse on Baldy and San Antonio Ridge - 5/20-21/2012
Overnight at Spruce Grove Campground
Dawson Saddle to Copter Ridge(19 May) & Ross Mtn 26 May)
Ben Overturff Trail: 05-19-2012
Cross-posting TR from re: SA ridge
Baldy loop
Arroyo Seco Burn Area Loop
Gabrielino Trail - Chantry Flat to West Fork
Wrightwood - Mount San Antonio
South Mt. Hawkins Loop Hike: 5 May 2012
Jones Peak: 05-06-2012
Monrovia Falls: 04-29-2012
Strawberry Peak & the Big Tujunga river
Pacifico and Granite #2-Bike and Hike
Mount Islip - 4/15/2012
Baldy Bowl 20120414
Mt. Lowe 4/15/12
20120412 Fooling Around
Mt. Waterman: 04-07-2012
Smith Mountain Trip Report 04-01-12
Manker Flat - Mount San Antonio
April Fool's Day - Supercloud Canyon
Henninger flats...
Mt. Baldy Trip Report & Photos
20120320 Beggar's Canyon and Poison Canyon
San Antonio Falls Snowshoe - 3/18/12 [Photos]
Icehouse March 17
Mt Lowe, San Gabriel Peak, Mueller Tunnel - Storm - 3/17/12
Baden Powell to Islip, and all the peaks in between 3/10/12
Ben Overturff Trail, Deer Park: 04 March 2012
20110311 and 14 Rubio Canyon Yo Dawg What It Do Homie
Devore camp to hwy 39?
Mt. Lowe, Mueller Tunnel: 03-11-2012
Timber Mountain via Icehouse Canyon - 03.04.12
Sunset early March
20120228 Blacksmith Cyn First Descent
20120304 Schvaterfall Cyn First Descent - 300ft'er!!!!
Overnight somewhere around West Fork
Wandering around Eaton Canyon: 03-04-2012
Lobo canyon (SG wilderness) 2/20/12
20120219 Cooks Cyn
Baden Powell in the white
20120211 Baden Powell Ice/Trip report
Jones Peak via Bastard Ridge
Gabrielino in a day, or not
Baden-Powell TR, 02/12/12
Kids first backpacking trip.
San Gabriel Mountains Grande Tour
Chapman trail to Big Horn ridge
Bear Creek Trail: 05 February 2012
Three T's
Cooper Canyon Trail Camp 1/28-1/29
Iron Bliss 1X12
20120129 Venedo Cyn
Backbone visit
20120127 Baden Powell Ice
Fun times on the old Mt Wilson trl
Crunchy Baldy via Register Ridge - 1/22/2012
Chantry - Newcomb's Pass - Rim Trail- Wilson -Upper WC
Winston Ridge Mystery 1/17/12
20120115 Bull Canyon
Newcomb's Pass
Rattlesnake bliss on a cool day
Wild wild West Fork hike with the dawg
20120112 Upper Soldier Creek mit Zach
Tons of San Gabriel mountain trip reports
Sunset Ridge fire rd to mt Lowe
Route finding to Mescal Canyon
Old Mt Wilson Trail Fun
A Little Chaco Walk to Newcombs Pass
20120102 Steele Taco Cyn 2nd Descent
The last D.U.I. of the year
Baldy via the Ski Hut
20111228 Morris Canyon Foist Dissent
East Fork River To Allison Gulch
Baldy Bear Flat 12-27-11
20111219 Baden Powell Northeast Face
Chantry Flat to Wilson via Camp Sturtevant,Winter Creek Loop
Old Mount Wilson Trail: the wintery wind windup
Echo Mt via 405 aka Sam Merrill Trl
Cucamonga canyon 11/25
Idlehour Time in Eaton Canyon
Strawberry Peak: 11-27-2011
Islip Canyon First-Descent-That-I-Know-Of-Or-So (FDTIKOOS)
Hall-Beckley Cyn via alt-alt drop-in
The Mt Wilson rim to rim turkey melt trek
Throop & Baden Powell
Road Bike: R39 to West Fork Road
Baldy with Friends
Little Tujunga - hike to Mendenhall peak
Not-So-Big Baldy Loop 11-19-11
Some bouldering @ Crystal Lake
The Comeback and the Goodbye
From Valley to Valley and a bit more
Waterman Mountain & Winston Ridge
Mt Baldy via Bear Canyon - 11/13/2011
11th Baldy of 2011 on 11-11-11
Rockbound ridge from Hwy39 11/5
Bailey Canyon stroll: 10-30-2011
Iron Mountain via Heaton Flat - 10/23/2011
Things in the Trees - Icehouse Canyon
Mt. Baden-Powell 2011-10-15
Mt. Wilson Gastronomics (10/9/11)
A Trips to the San Gabriels Mountain
Dark Canyon to Mt. Lukens Fire Road
Baldy Bear Flat 10-7-11
20111002 Crystal Lake Crag with the gang!
Up San Antonio by the Devil's Backbone
Eaton Saddle - Devore - Chantry - Wilson - Idlehour - Lowe
Some stuff as of lately... FA's and whatnot.
Kratka Ridge +: 09-24-2011
Red Box - Barley Flats - Devore - Wilson
Lower Solider Creek 9/19
Baldy and Dawson (9/18/11)
Mount Islip from Hwy 2
Mt. Baden-Powell: 10-Sep-2011
20110911 FFIAD
Brown Mountain: 09-11-2011
20110906 Eaton Canyon
Crystal Lake - Islip - Hawkins'
Islip Saddle - South Fork - Vincent Gap - PCT
East Fork Labor Day
Backpacking/Biking in the San Gabriels
20110902 Bailey Canyon with Desertrunner
Caltech and Eaton Cyn 8/29
Cabin Flats of the San Gabriels
20110823 Rubio Canyon
Crystal Lake Crag - New Route
Middle Lytle Creek to Timber
Silver Peak... rattle snake tells us to stop
Kelly Camp Spring still flowing 8/19/11
crapload of bighorn sheep at bridge to nowhere - 8/18
20110818 Bailey Canyon
Pine Mountain Ridge
Clamshell, Rankin, Monrovia, Pine (NHPS)
The Past Few Weeks
20110811 Baldy with Buddies
North Backbone - Pine, Dawson, Baldy 8/7/2011
20110727 AWFUL Canyon
Baden Powell 7_10_2011
Mt. Islip Via Crystal Lake 6_26_2011
Little Jimmy on 6-19-2011
TR:Baldy on Bike
20110724 San Antonio Falls with Patty
Ice House Canyon 5 Peaks
20110717 Seven Sunday Summits Plus One for More Fun
South Fork Fail 7.17.11
Hikemageddon - Smith Ridge Fail
20110714 into 20110715 Ty Taco Jake Elwood Patrick Full Moon
Big Baldy/Big Moon Loop 7-15-11
Retreat from South Iron Fork 7/12-7/13
Baden-Powell Night Hike 7-5
Bichota Canyon: 10 July 2011
Switzer's/Cascades 7.10.11
Lost Creek and SA Falls with 'everyday'
Brushfest on July 4th
TR: MF Lytle Creek, Commanche, Kelly Camp, Bighorn, 2 Tee's
Sat. 6-25 E. Twin Peak via Mt. Waterman and 3 Points
6.29.11 - cucamonga peak
Register Ridge - 2011-06-27
Fish Fork canyon June 24 - June 26 2011
Forked Over 6/24 - 6/26/11
6.24.11 - waterman via waterman trail/waterman road
1st nude hiker of the year! OR "Only in the Angeles!&qu
Lupine Camp to Cabin Flat 6/16/11
San Gabriel Peak & Mt. Disappointment: 06-19-2011
6.15.11 - mt disappointment TR
Eaton Canyon 6/11/11
Bighorn, Ontario, and Sugarloaf (6/12)
Baldy Mega Loop - 15 Peaks in Day (6/11/11)
Bear Creek from West Fork 6/10
6.10.11 - millard cyn to (almost) tom sloane saddle
Gold Dollar Mine - San Antonio Ridge - Iron Mountain
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