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20140105 Strawberry Peak North Face
My First GPS Hike
Glendora Peak
Cucamonga Truck Trail from Lytle - trail washed out?
20131225 Cascade Canyon
20131224 Crimmas Skeletor Canyon?
12/20/13 Cucamonga Peak
Watery Dry Lake Canyon
Baron Fitzsimmons Canyon
Icehouse to Timber in a Snowstorm
Thrilla on Will Thralla
Mt. Baldy 12/17/13
Waterman Loop 12/16/13
Love and Death on the Mt. Wilson Trail
Rim trail, Devore Camp, Gabrieleno, Kenyon Devore
Stoddard, Frankish, Spring Hill
Footwear Experiment in Icehouse Canyon
Gold canyon 11/30
Chilao 11/28/13
Ontario Peak on Saturday 11/30
Early Winter on Baldy
Lower Upper Big Tujunga, aka Mill Creek (?) 11/24/13
20131124 Kimchi Ridge - Ontario Pk NF
faint trail past bighorn mine
Idlehour Trail 11/17/13
Monrovia Peak - 11/17
Steadfast in Stead Canyon
Weirdos, Shell Casings, and Mendenhall Peak
Clamshell, Mack, Rankin, and Monrovia Peaks
Exploring the Heaton-Shoemaker Connector
20131109 Swordsmith Canyon 'First' Descent
San Antonio Ridge Traverse 11.2.13
Crystal Lake (& vicinity) Report
ACH over 3 days 10/28-10/13/13...a bit long tr
Eagle Mine
A walk through the valley of the shadow of the poodle...
Sunset and full moon
Good Canyon - 10/21
Surviving San Antonio Ridge
Life in the Big Tujunga
Rincon - Cogswell - West Fork Road
Lookouts, and Bighorns, and Bears! Oh, my!
Beyond Ontario - Peak 6857 Solo Overnight (2013-10-12)
Devil's Backbone to Baldy, Three Ts Trail 10/12-13/2013
Pacifico Moutain via Alder Saddle
Mount Lowe Loop from Eaton Saddle 10/12/2013
Snow at Windy Gap and Mt. Islip
Strawberry and Lawlor Still "Closed To Public Use"
Cloudburst Cyn 10/6/2013
20131002 'Submarine Dog', 5.7+ PG13 whatever
20130926 Sheep Canyon Solo Climb
Heaton Flat into Iron Fork
Sugarloaf ridge attempt
20130914 Dawson, Pine and Baldy
20130907 Horse Flats
TR: First time on Mount Baldy - late July 2013
Fox Mountain, the Long Way
Caltech&Eaton Labor Day
Main Trail on Sat Morning
Scenes from the Blue Ridge
Today, Mt Waterman
Falling Rock Canyon: Bloody High-five!
Icehouse Saddle
What I Found in Lost Creek Canyon
20130818 Solo Climbing Stuff
FYI - Lily Spring is Dry
Wrightwood to Idle Hour
Mine Gulch via Vincent Gap trail
The Good Canyon Experience
20130810-11 North Iron Fork Canyonurrin'
Falling Rock to Sugarloaf, Ontario, and Bighorn
Baldy Bowl and Register Ridge Loop
wildlife on Baldy
Baldy from the village + 3 T's
Pine Mountain Success, Dawson Failure
20130731 Eaton Canyon Time Attack
Manker to Coldwater XC Loop
20130727 Iron Fork Canyoneering
Triumph In Manker Canyon
Three T's from the Notch
Sugarloaf and Ontario via Falling Rock Canyon 7/20/2013
Hump Day Hike to Stockton Flat
Sunday in the High Country
Cucamonga, Bighorn, Ontario 7/12/2013
East Fork of the San Gabriel River- Misadventure7/6-7/7/2013
Mts. Williamson & Lewis
TR: Little Jimmy, Throop, Hawkins, and Islip - June 22, 2013
An attempt to beat the heat @ Timber Mtn.
Beeli Goat "Trail" 6/29/2013 (Kagel Mtn)
Supermoon Overnight on Baden-Powell
Etiwanda Peak
Big Iron 6/29/13
Baldy Sunset Hike - 6/28/2013
Pine Mountain Ridge - 6/22/2013
Fish Canyon Falls 6/21/2013
First attempt at Iron: Too much hot
Mt. Waterman (the easy way)
Susanna Canyon East Ridge Lollipop Loop
Beyond Rattlesnake
Mt Wilson from Chantry Flat via Winter Crk and Mt Wilson Tr
Ross Mountain - 6/7/2013
Baldy Memorial Day
Memorial day poodle-dog roast on silver moccasin
Ross Mountain
Cooper Canyon and Winston Peak - 5/24-5/26
Magic at Angeles Crest
Guffy to Pine Mountain to Cabin Flat Loop 3/28-3/29
A nice relaxing S24O to Glenn Trail Camp
Wilson 5-26
Mt. Wilson -> Mt. Yale -> Hastings Peak 5/24/2013
Little Rock Creek - Winston Ridge - PCT
Jones peak to wilson toll from sierra madre
Fish Fork over 2.125 days or Manker to Heaton 5/15-5/16/13
cape horn canyon falls report
First Time Up Telegraph's Southwest Ridge
PCT - Mt. Pacifico Segment: 05-12-2013
Bear Flats to Mt. Baldy (5/10/13)
Bear Canyon to Ski Hut
Ontario & Big Horn Peaks (Overnight) 4/28 - 4/29
San Gabriel Peak: 05-05-2013
My first peak!
Mt. Harwood and Thunder Mountain 4/26/2013
The Cucamonga Fifty
pk 6327 via South Hawkins ridge
Lookout Mountain - 4/20/2013
'Tis the Season - Iron Mountain 4/13/2013
Iron Mountain - One Long Day
Meanwhile, down in the low elevations...Fish canyon 4/6/13
Yo-yoing on Thunder Mountain Ridge
Cedar Canyon to Telegraph Peak - 4/7/2013
Timber Mountain
Esme dibble-dabble 3/9/13
Up Millard and Grand Canyons
Gabrielino Trail: Red Box to Chantry Overnight
Sturtevant Camp
West Fork Bear Creek
First Time on Brown Mountain
West Fuji - Lone Tree Trail: 02-24-2013
Baldy Conditions
Mount Islip 2/17
pk 5171 from ACH 2/18/13
Crescenta View Trail -Deukmejian Wilderness: 02-18-2013
Palindrome Point via Halloween Gulch
TR: Snow on Mount Lowe 2/9/13
2/7/13: Santa Anita Creek's East Fork
2/1/13: Lower Bear Creek to the W. Fork
Jones, Hastings, and Yale Score
Echo Mt. - A unique trip
San Olene Goat Trail to Santa Anita Ridge and beyond?
Islip Ridge and the Big Cienega - Crystal Lake January 26
South Iron Fork Part 2 1/21-1/22/12
Baden-Powell 1/19/2013
Little Jimmy Trailcamp
Trail Canyon - 1/5/2013
1/13/13 Mt. Baldy trip and conditions
Mt. McKinley-1/13/13
01-06-13 Baden-Powell
New Year walk up Sunset Peak
Middle Vogel canyoneering 12/31/12
Three T's TR 12/30/12
Potato Mountain 12-30-12
GFF Viewpoint and MtSly 12/24/12
Condor and Fox-Christmas Day
Iron Mtn first timer
Ontario Peak 12/21/2012
Tardy (and short) Baldy TR
Shin's 300th summit of Baldy.
Mt Baldy in April 2013
Baldy December 8
Various hikes, last week or so
Goat to Rim and Wilson in between
My son's second backpacking trip
Henninger Flats Camp
Lone Tree-Idlehour Trail Loop
Baldy summit vandalism
Heaton Flat - Iron Mountain
The Baldy Bowl Dog Patrol
Baldy loop October 21
Pallet Mtn from the East
Acorn Trail-Wright Mtn-Pine Mtn-Dawson-Baldy... and back
20121020 - Trèstober - Mount Waterman, Williamson & Lew
Little stroll to Hoegees for dinner
San Antonio Ski Hut, 10/13/2012
Mt Lukens-Stone Canyon Trail
East Fork San Gabriel river 9/24
Winston Ridge - Middle Little Rock Creek
BT river 9/3 Labor Day
A Most Curious Spring
Little Jimmy -- My Daughter's First Overnight
Mine Gulch on Baden Powell - First Descent
Ontario Peak 8/11 - still water at Kellys
Pleasant View and Winston Ridges
Kratka Ridge, Mt Dana & Mt Gibbs, Mt Diablo...
Baldy evening
Mt. Islip Via PCT
Rubio Cyn. to Echo Mtn.: 07-22-2012
Kellys Camp water report
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