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Baldy via Backbone
Kelsey Silver mine in Lower San Gabriel Canyon
May Snow Day on Baldy
20150516 Crystal Lake Wall Climbing
Vincent Gap - South Fork Campground - Baden Powell
San Antonio Ridge - Gold Dollar Mine
Sunset morning
Upper Big Tujunga....adventure
Eaton Saddle to Desolation Pinnacle
Echo Mtn.
DMV Hike
Chantry Flats & Big Santa Anita Canyon
Upper Eaton Canyon Scramble
Ridge Traiblaze from Bear Canyon to Mt. Disappointment Ridge
Climb for Heroes, April 12 2015
Allison Mine Loop
West Fuji from the Rubio waterfalls
Video Tour of Pine Flat Just Below Iron Mountain Summit
A Good Friday to Climb Mt. McKinley (and Iron #2)
Cedar Glen overnight
Waterman, Twin Peaks, & Triplet Rock via Buckhorn Campgr
Stanley-Miller Mine
Falling Rock Cnyn, Ontario, Bighorn, Cuc Pk, Sheep Flat
Devil's Canyon Descent
West Baldy and Hikin' Jim's Peak List
Turtle's Beak via Cascade Canyon
Switzers: No More Pools
Bear Creek via Smith Saddle 3/23/15
The Next To Last Knob -No Trail For A Fat Old Man
Cascade Canyon - Above the Barrett-Stoddard Road
20150309 Brown Eye Gulch
San Antonio (Mt. Baldy) Ski Hut Hike, Feb 28 2015
Photos from Tuesday
Ontario plus Bighorn
Mt Gleason via Santa Clara Divide Road
Magic Mountain via Soledad Cyn
2014 Hike Log
Thunder Mtn
Rockbound Unbound
Allison Gulch Ropes and Mines
The Bare Bites Back
Sugarloaf and Kagel Mountain
Fox Peak
Three days in the Crystal Lake Area
Islip Ridge: The Search for Taco
Copter Ridge 1/19/15
Aborted Stanley-Miller mineattempt (and lots of other stuff)
View from San Gabriel peak
20150105 West Baldy West Face
Yerba Buena Ridge Highpoint and Limerock Peak
Register Ridge Jan 2
Sunset Peak for New Year
Register Ridge Trip Report, December 18 2014
Smith Mountain south ridge and Bear Creek
Icehouse Christmas
Colby Canyon Recon
Christmas Eve Baldy Climb
Waterfalls and forks
A Whole Lotta Bear Canyon (and some Brown Mountain)
Glen Canyon Falls
TR: Icehouse Canyon
Bowling on Baldy 12/18
Gulch Row (Robbs, Polecat, Browns)
Stoddard Peak
12/14/14 Hawkins Loop
small Side Dorr canyon explore from the bottom 11/25
Punchdrunk(Devils Punchbowl) non-techincal version 11/24/14
Vasquez Creek 11/29/2014
Black Friday Baldy
Iron, Roundtop, Granite, and Rabbit
Smashed Windows and McKinley Fail: A Great Day
Point 4441 YBR
Middle Fork Lytle Creek -- TR
Mt Lukens vis "CR" Ridge
Mt Lukens via "CR" Ridge
Rattlesnake Peak via East Ridge
Grizzly Gulch is TOUGH!!!
Baldy via Gas Attack Gully
Newcomb Peak
Little Fish Fork & Upper Fish Fork
Josephine west ridge & The Pines to Clear Creek 10/26/14
Baldy loop October
glendora mtn road
Mt Islip loop
Monrovia canyon - Bear
Chapman Trail Cedar Glen report
Hikes this Week
grizzly flats road, mt lukens, moonrise
Strawberry's Southeast Ridge
Middle Fork Lytle Creek -- Mini Trip
Mount Lowe Quickie
Rattlesnake via SW Ridge
9/21 Three T's Hike
August Hikes: Crack of Doom, Stoddard, and Smith
kratka ridge to Mt. Waterman traverse 08/02/14
Etiwanda Peak via Icehouse Canyon: 30 August 2014
Baden Powell
Little Jimmy GPS Track and Down Tree Report
Three T's + Ontario & Bighorn
FS3N17 AKA Santa Clara Divide Road
Iron Mountain
20140804 Operation: Free Klaus
20140729 Eaton Canyon Before Closure
Dillon Divide - Pacoima Canyon - Indian Ben Saddle, Loop
small explore of the Jar Vista branch of Bear Creek
2014joolie12 Cascade Canyon with the gang
Strawberry Peak West Ridge
Fourth Of July on top of---------
Clear Creek Trails
20140628 Beggars Canyon #2
Clamshell Peak
201406yesterdaytime, Random Canyon Attempt
3N31 to Gobblers Knob
20140617 Winking Mummy Gulch
Twin Peaks
Mt. Muir with one essential
Burning Coals on Baldy
Mt. Baldy, gliders and missed opportunities
20140602 Cactus Slot
Mt Islip shortcut w dogs
Eaton from Henninger
Surviving a Death March Attempt
20140509 Smith Mtn North Face 'Attempt'
The Way Things Happened: Heath Canyon
20140503-04 Fish Fork from Wanker
Private Canyon
Vincent Gap - Prairie Fork - Blue Ridge Loop
Baden-Powell - snow and ice
Return to Brown Mt - ridges of el prieto
Sturtevant Trail to Mt.Wilson to RimTrail: 26 April 2014
Silver Mountain - 4/20
Potato Mountain
Windy Gap with the kiddos!
Smith Mountain
PV Ridge
20140405 This Here Canyon
Jones Peak after dark
Monterey Highlands to Poppy Peak on April 1st
AC Highway: Inspiration Point to Vincent Gap
Disappointment-Valley Forge Loop
Allison Mine Loop (or failed attempt on SW ridge Iron Mount)
The Full Baldy: SGDM Training Hike #3
Good day on Iron Mountain
Nice Sunset on San Gabriel Peak 3/25
Big Butch Wash, Thunder Mtn, and Telegraph Peak
S. Mount Hawkins via Pigeon Ridge
Crystal Lake to Islip via Windy Gap
Three Points Trail
Vincent Gap to Prairie Fork: 16 March 2014
Jones and Hastings Peaks
San Gab Peak and Mt Disappointment
Mt. Waterman & Mt. Lowe
Crystal Lake Coinflips: SGDM Training Hike #2
Switzer's - Bear Canyon - Red Box - Switzers (2014-03-03)
20140301 Baldy in the Storm
Icehouse Canyon Snow - 2014/03/01
Deer Park Trail
Baldy Bowl - Devil's Backbone 2/22
Ski Hut with Tracie and Talus (and Ripley)
Flyin' over Zion
20140220 Twin Peaks Rock Crimbing
Cucamonga Peak
Rubio's East Fork and Cowry Crack
Short trip to Mt. Akawie
Ken Burton's Nightmare Before Oakwilde
San Gabriel Peak
Middle Fork Lytle Creek - Cucamonga
From Gray to Brown
20140211 Fun Route up to Sugarledge
Castle Spur to Point 3987
Hawkins Ridge - 2/3/2014
20140201 SugarLedge yeehaw
Baldy, lunar New Year hike
POTATOE Loops: SGDM Training Hike #1
A dance around Lady Waterman 01.25.14
Eaton Saddle Trifecta
Grand Tour of Glendora Wilderness - North Trails
Fox and Condor Peak
Rubio Watershed Loop
20140120 Ontario Peak
Adam's Falls - East Fork Big Santa Anita 1-20-14
20140118 Sugarloaf Peak West Face
pk 5878 Krakta Ridge & water along the ACH 1/14/14
Waterman 1/15/14
Muir Peak
Baldy winter ascent
Fall Creek trail
Winston Peak, Twin Peaks, Waterman Mountain 1/10/14
Crystal Lake Aid Bouldering
20140105 Strawberry Peak North Face
My First GPS Hike
Glendora Peak
Cucamonga Truck Trail from Lytle - trail washed out?
20131225 Cascade Canyon
20131224 Crimmas Skeletor Canyon?
12/20/13 Cucamonga Peak
Watery Dry Lake Canyon
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