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Baldy to Iron to Baldy, 18-Oct-2008
Inspiration Point 10-18-08
Chunk of PCT: Vincent's Gap to Mill Creek Summit
Bear Canyon Oct 12th 2008
Sugarloaf, Ontario, & Bighorn from FRC 10-11-2008
Fishfork from Lupine 10/9/08
20081006 Baldy with 135driver
Baldy Bowl Oct 4-5 2008
Mt. Wilson Trail 10-5-08
Mt. Bliss: 10-04-2008
20081004 Burrito Peak with Tim
San Gaberiel Things of September
Middlefork Lytle Creek to Wrightwood via Baldy 9/24 - 9/26
Trail run on ridge to Pacifico and PCT back down
Mt. Baldy: 09-21-2008
Iron Mountain #1 09/20/2008
Car Break In - Altadena
Silver Moccasin Trail
Henniger/Eaton 9/14/08
Cucamonga 09/13/08
Sugarloaf and Ontario via FRC, 14-Sept-2008
20080914 Fir Draw Crag
Waterman & Twin Peaks 9-13-2008
M. fork Lytle Creek overnighter
ended up at ice house canyon again......
Mt Baden-Powell the easy way, 7 Sep 2008
Ontario Peak 9/07/08
Santa Anita Ridge and Mt Yale
Eastern San Gabriels Flyover
sick hike up icehouse canyon
Baldy via Ski Hut trail, 30-Aug-2008
Bailey Canyon Trail Run
Baldy via Register Ridge 8-30-08
Altadena Crest Trail (Loma Alta segment): 2008-08-30
Mt. Wilson Trail to Manzanita Ridge
Mt. Baldy 2008-08-23
Hermit Falls
2008019 Thunder Mountain at Sunset
Monrovia Sawpit trail running
Full moon hiking baldy
Mount Baldy & West Baldy via ski hut trail
20080812 Big Meat Pizza 5.8 - Icehouse Canyon Trad Climb
backpacking baldy with my 4 year old.....
Mt. Baldy & Mt. Harwood: 08-10-2008
20080809 Falling Rock Canyon - Buttcrack
Trail Run: Red Box to Mt. Lawlor to Barley Flats to Red Box
Trail Run Josephine Fire Road to Josephine Saddle
Mountain Bike to Josephine Peak
Thunder Mt. & Telegraph Pk.: 08-03-2008
Attempted Baldy 9 Peaks Challenge, 02-Aug-2008
3T's 08/02/2008
Mt. Baldy 2008-08-02
Sam Merrill Trail to Echo Mountain, 27 July 2008
Bear Canyon to Baldy 07/26/08
Cucamonga Peak - 26 July 2008
Mt. Baldy 2008-07-26
Ontario Peak - 20 July 2008
East Fork - San Gabriel River - 7/19/08
Telegraph Peak 2008-07-19
Bighorn Peak: 07-20-2008
Baden-Powell via PCT 07/19/2008
7-17-08 Islip Saddle to Devil's Punchbowl
Cucamonga Peak 7-19-08
Will Thrall Pk (7845'), Pleasant View Ridge (7983') - PICS
night hike to san gabriel peak
Islip-Baden Powell 7-14-07
Will Thrall Pk (7845'), Pleasant View Ridge (7983')
Ontario, Bighorn, Cucamonga & Etiwanda, 13-July-2008
Josephine Peak west ridge exploratory: 07-12-2008
Cucamonga Peak 07-12-2008
Twin Peaks 7-12-08
East fork SG river-BTN trip 7/10/08(no pictures)
Ontario Peak 7/7/2008
Lower Sam Merrill Trail to Echo Mtn.
El Prieto Canyon
Josephine Peak: 07-05-2008
Cucamonga Peak Sunset, 04-July-2008
20080629 Ontario Peak - More Trad Climbing
Baldy Brunch, 20080628
Pine Mountian
Souther ridge to Cucamonga?
Kelly Camp Spring
Baldy loop hike 6-21-08
Ontario Peak North Face - Sheep Canyon West Ridge Rock Route
Ski Hut?
Icehouse Saddle
LSA canyon TR post-fire (now with mine)
mt baldy summit [1st time]
Burnham & Mt Baden Powell 6-14
Ontario Peak: 06-15-2008
Bear Flat burn area
Lord Baden-Powell 06-08-08
June Snow Skiing
Register Ridge, Beer & Warbird wreckage
Mt. Lawlor: 06-07-2008
Three Points to Twin Peaks
Lower Lucas Creek
Mt Harwood, 5-31-2008
Manker Flats, 5-31-2008
Icehouse to cucamonga peak 5-31
Hastings Peak & Jones Peak: 05-31-2008
Mt Wilson loop-Chantry, Newcomb Pass, Winter Creek Trail
20080525 Icehouse Canyon
20080524 Cow Canyon
20080522 Waterslide, San Antonio Canyon
Cloudburst to Heaton(3 days)
Mt. Lowe to Idlehour Camps: 16-18 May 2008
Henninger Flats 5-18-08
Mt. Wilson Trail burn area: 05-18-2008
Mt. Wilson Loop From Chantry Flats, 17-May-2008
Mt. Wilson
20080515 West Fork Bear Creek
5/10/08 Mini-Loop: Mt. Islip/Throop Peak/Dawson Saddle
Waterman and Twin Peaks from Buckhorn May 10
Iron Mountain, 10-May-2008
Bear Canyon trail to Baldy 05-09-08
Tuesday night at the Hut
Twin Peaks and Mt Waterman: 04 May 2008
Windy Gap
Old Baldy 04/05/08
Pacifico Mountain 5/3/08
Mt. Wilson via Toll Road: 05-03-2008
Baldy Register Ridge and Ski Hut 5-3-08
Middle Fork Lytle Creek 04-27-08
Baden Powell 4/25/08
NW face Telegraph Peak
bridge to nowhere-
Strawberry Peak via Colby Canyon
Bear Canyon Trail, 4-19-2008
Dagger Flat: 06 April 2008
Baldy North Face, 13-APR-2008
Bailey Canyon to Hastings Peak
San Gab. Pk., Mt. Disappointment, Mt. Markham: 04-13-2008
20080412 Dawson Peak "New" Route
Brown Mountain Fire Road
20080408 Telegraph Peak NWF - Easy Way
West Fork Bear Creek 4/7/08
20080406 Baldy
Baldy Group Hike 4-5-08
Fire Road to Sunset Peak
trail canyon falls
Mt. Lowe: 03-29-2008
Mt. Wilson Trail to Orchard Camp
Skiers trip report-MtBaldy
Fox Creek & grandiose idea(for me) of pk4544 loop 3/22/0
Baldy 3/22/08
Bailey Canyon to Hastings Peak
Village to Village Distance and Elevation
Village to Village
Baldy loop hike 3-21-08
Monrovia Peak: 03-15-2008
simonov can't stay away from Baldy, 20080315
baldy 3-15
Iron Mountain via Heaton Flats Trail
Vasquez Creek
20080311 Mini-Burro Peak and Lower Bear Creek
Baldy Ski Hut snow conditions
Great day on Baldy
fish canyon falls----03-08-2008
Echo Mountain & Inspiration Point: 03-09-2008
Oak Spring and Fascination Spring Hike: 02 March 2008
Echo Mnt, Inspiration Peak, Muir Peak and Mnt. Lowe Loop
Mt. Baldy Loop - 3.1.08
Devil's Canyon......San Gabriel Wilderness........03/01/08
Mount Baden-Powell 3.1.08
Hastings Peak & Jones Peak: 03-01-2008
20080227 Baden Powell Mine Gulch Attempt
Walk up to ski hut
San Gabriel water fall watching
SG Wilderness(Twin Peaks) from WF SG river 2/18/08
Kratka Ridge: 16-17 Feb 2008
Mt Wilson from Chantry Flay 2-18-08
20080217 Big Iron with intent to go up Baldy
Mt. Baldy ski via Devils Backbone - Feb 16, 2008
simonov's solo summit of Baldy, 20080216
20080211 Upper Bear Creek and 20080212 Stuck in Stockton
Simonov and He219's Mount Baldy Ascent, 20080209
Monrovia Peak (almost): 02-09-2008
Bear Flats (Mt. Baldy) Feb 2, 2008
Mount Baldy Super Bowl Sunday Hike
Baldy Attempt 2-1-08
Iron Mountain (Big Iron) via Southwest Ridge
20080131 BB Wash Again... no cigar... again...
The trip that wasnt in the western San Gabriels Sun 1/27/08
Mt. Yale: 01-26-2008
20080123 Angry Icehouse Canyon, and Big Butch Wash
Valley Forge 1/19-20/08
East Fork SG River 1/21/08
San Sevaine Lookout and Buck Point
Baldy via Bear Canyon
Bighorn Peak
Baldy via Backbone, 1/19 - 1/20
manker flat to baldy notch
20080113 Baden Powell "Boulderdash", 640M C4 AI2
Baldy via Ski Hut Trail 1-12-08
Strawberry Peak: 01-12-2008
Baldy Bowl, 1.11.08
20080111 Sugarloaf Peak Mixed Climbing Attempt
20080108 Icehouse Canyon
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