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Mt Baldy overnight 30-31 May
Middle Fork Lytle Creek to Icehouse Saddle: 23 May 2009
Camping Trip, Buckhorn & Cabin Flat
05/24/09 East Fork Zoo - Stupidity is Illegal
Second-Hand Twin Peaks report
Mt. Baldy Loop 5.25
Four Peaks Tuesday! 5/26/09
Sunset Trail
Suicide Canyon
Ross Mt via Baden-Powell 5/23/09
Baldy 5-23-09
midnight walk up baldy
Above the Bridge to Nowhere 5/19
Last front country hike for the season!
North Baldy/Burnham/Throop 5-17-09
Baden-Powell, Burnham and Throop 5/17/09
Cedar Canyon, 16-May-2009
Stockton Flat to Baldy Notch: 16 May 2009
Mt. Wilson via Echo Mt. 5-15-09
Mt. Deception + : 05-10-2009
Mt. Baldy via the Big Horn Ridge
Baldy via Village Trail (again) 5/9/09
Baden-Powell May 6, 2009
bridge to nowhere....night hike
No Name Ridge to Baldy
Three Points to Twin Peaks, Waterman Mt
Mt. Zion Loop: 3 May 2009
Timber via Icehouse Canyon 5/3/09
Lake Ave loop 4-29-09
San Gabriel West ford to Cogswell Dam and beyond
Baldy via Village Trail 5/2/09
20090429 Peak 3702
Fox and Condor Peaks in the San Gabriels
Big Iron 4/25/08
Eastfork SG to Wrightwood 4/22 - 4/24
Mt Lowe 4-25-09
Mt. Sally: 04-25-2009
Mt. Hillyer: 04-25-2009
Winston Peak & Winston Ridge: 04-25-2009
Baldy from village
Har Har Harwood, Baldy and West Baldy 4/22
Three Points to Twin Peaks (saddle)
Baldy and Lookout Mt from Baldy Village
Big Iron Mountain 4/18/09
Baring it all on Bear Flat Trail 4/18/09
Hermit Falls 4-18-09
20090418 Baldy DBB
TR: Bike ride from Mt Wilson to Highway 39 West Fork
Bare Mountain: 04-12-2009
Cole Point, Mt Emma, & Old Mt Emma
My first time! Rattlesnake Peak 4/11/09
Snow day on Mount Baldy
Hillyer & Pacifico, 4/4/2009
Iron virgin no longer!
Baldy group hike 4-3-09
Mt. Baldy Trip Report, 03/26/09
20090330 West Fork Farting Around
Ski Hut / Backbone 3-27 Lost Garmin
Altadena Exploration
Lookout Mountain #2: 03-28-2009
Twin Peaks 3-28-09
Springtime on Wilson 3/28/09
Mount Harwood via Registry Ridge 3/24/09
Ontario Peak - 03/21/09 - 3rd Time = 3 Mountains
1AM accent of The Dare in the Bowl
Fwd: Big Iron via south ridge, friend's TR
Mt. Baldy, Dawson, Pine & West Baldy - 3.21.09
Devil's Backbone from the North, 21-Mar-2009
Mostly Pics of clouds 3/21/09
Baldy Village - Peak - Manker Flat 3-20-09
Falling Rock Canyon to Ontario Peak 3/15/09
Snack Shack Couloir and Thunder Ridge, 15-Mar-2009
Cattle Canyon and Bighorn Ridge
Saturday Morning On the Baldy Bowl
Mount Islip via Northwest ridge Attempt.....
Moonlighting on Mt Baldy
Popped my cherry on Baldy 3/14/09
03/10/09 Baldy Bowl and the Moonlight Maniacs (Pic Heavy)
Baldy Bowl with He219 and Sashimi
Baldy Bowl 3-8-09
East Fork to Baldora / Widco Mine
San Gabriel Peak & More!
Baily Canyon Loop, Jones Peak (3375')
Devil's Back Bone Times Two ?
Exploring the Front Country 3/3/09
Red Box to Mt Lawlor, Barley Flats, & Vetter Mtn
Big Iron via South Ridge
03/01/09 Smith Saddle - The Hard Way
Cucamonga Peak
Barley Flats: 02-28-2009
Mt. Wilson TR 2/24/09
Ontario Peak
Baldy Register Ridge 2-21-09
Hastings Peak & Jones Peak: 02-21-2009
first hike with the dog.....she did well
Hwy 39 2/16 for waterfall watching
Baldy Bowl 02/14/09
Bighorn Peak 2-15-09
Wet and Wild on Rattlesnake Peak 2-14-09
Mt. Wilson attempt, 2/14/09
02-10-09 In The Shadows of Iron Mountain
TR:SoCal Gets Some Love
Mt. Wilson Trail 2-8-09
Mt Lowe with some cross-country
Baldy Ski Hut Group Hike 2-6-09
San Dimas Canyon
TR: McKinley Canyon 2009_02_01
013109 TR FORUM MEET-UP --> East Fork S.G. to Bridge
Canyoneering Middle Fork Lytle Creek
Echo Mountain - Inspiration Point 2-1-09
Round Top (south ridge): 01-31-2009
Snow coverage on Mt Baldy
Mt. Zion Loop 1/27
Icehouse Canyon to Timber Mountain Trip Report
Iron Mountain 1/ 24/09
TR: Mt Lukens Friday 1/23/09
East Fork to Allison Mine, Allison Gulch, and Heaton F trail
Baden-Powell 1-25-09
Mt. Emma and Old Mt. Emma: 01-25-2009
how the times have changed...
Lookout Point
Bailey Canyon 1/19/09
Mt. Lukens from Deukmejian Park 1-19-08
Clamshell, Rankin, & Monrovia Peaks 1/17/09
Cole Point: 01-17-2009
Mt. Gleason and Messenger Peak
Islip Saddle to Little Jimmy Camp
TR: Upper Josephine Creek 2009_01_11
Mountain Bike to West Ridge of Brown Mtn.
Mountain Bike to Brown Debris Dam
Swarthout ridge to Wrightwood
Register Ridge/Mount Harwood
Monte Cristo Loop 2009-01-10
Mt. Wilson Trail 1-11-09
Mt. Gleason: 01-11-2009
011009 Lightning Couloir "STRIKES BACK" (pic heavy
Upper Winter Creek Trail (some of it)
Canyoneering: Bailey Canyon
20090107 Baden Powell Mine Gulch Attempt
Bailey Canyon to Jones Peak
Baldy 1-4-09
Rabbit #1 and Iron #3: 01-04-2009
Sturtevant Falls
Figure 8 loop via Jones Peak SE Ridge
20090102 Telegraph Peak West Face FINALLY!!!!!!!
The Really Big Hike :)
20081231 Lightning Ascent - Last Climb of 2008
TR: Epsilon Canyon 2008/12/28
Baldy via BEar Flat 12-30-08
Hastings Peak: 12-28-2008
Mt. Wilson Trail Report
20081227 Third Time's Not a Charm
20081223 Mt Waterman Ski Adventure
20081222 Ski Hut Trail
Ski Hut Hike
Brown Mountain & Bear Canyon Loop Dec 20, 2008
Baldy attmept
20081220 Ricehouse Canyon Snow Recon Thingy
Iron Mountain attempt 12-20-08
Smith Mtn via Mt Islip
Baldy via Register Ridge 12-13-08
Mt. Baldy via Register Ridge Dec 12, 2008
Rattlesnake Peak: 12-06-2008
Mt Wilson from Chantry Flat 12-7-08
Icehouse Canyon, 7 December 2008
another Baldy hike
Baldy via Register Ridge 11/30/08
A week old: Josephine, Strawberry, & Lawlor TR 11/22/200
(yawn) Yet another Baldy climb, 30 Nov 2008
Mt Islip/Lil' Jimmy overnighter
Mt. Baldy (almost): 11-30-2008
Mt. Baden Powell from Vincent Gap (new snow) 11/28/08
ultimate trip report
Twin Peaks from Buckhorn 11/22/08
Mt. Baldy - First time up Bear Canyon Trail
TR: BRUIN HIGHWAY 2008/11/23
Just another Baldy loop hike, 22 Nov 2008
Anyone hiked the PCT between Three Points and Cooper Canyon
Car crash, and some notes from your's truly...
Fires, Fires and More Fires
TR: Camp Five Canyon 11/15/2008
Vincent Gap to Bighorn Mine to Praire fork and back 11/14/08
New TR for Iron to Baldy Traverse
Mt Williamson & Pleasant View Ridge
Jones Peak: 11-09-2008
Inspiration Point & Muir Peak via the Great Incline
Idlehour Trail Camp: 11-01-2008
11/31/2008 Ontario Peak
20081030 Burrito Peak
20081029 Falling Rock Canyon - Buttcrack
More Mt. Lukens
Final try at TwinPeak E ridge via WF SG river 10/25(no pics)
Deukmejian Park - Mt. Lukens loop
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