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Pleasant View Ridge to Will Thrall Peak
One Pissed off Devil 2-5
Pacoima Cyn BPL Road Loop 2010/02/04
Photo Climb/Trek up to Mt Baldy - Feb 04 2010
Limerock Fixation 2010/2/2
Icehouse Quadruple - 1.30.10
Two FA's in a Day, Thunder Mt and Telegraph Pk
Unnamed Baldy Chute 1.29.10
A Mt Baldy Climb, 31 Jan 2010
Manker - San Antonio - Devil's Backbone
Baldy RR - 2010-01-29
Baldy Ski Hut 1-30-09
20100129 Baldy Bizowl
Kagel Mtn 2010/01/14
Contract Point 2010/01/04
Hiker Bob Cyn 2010/01/10
The Pinnacle loop 2010/01/27
Kagel Cyn Rd 2010/01/22
Limerock Cyn 2010/01/26
Cougar Cyn 2010/01/28
Register Ridge, Monday 1/25/10
Rubio Canyon 1/24/10
Mt. Baldy Summit from east side Bowl on 24th
Monrovia Peak 1.23.2010
Another Baldy TR
DBB 01242010
Ski Hut - Jan 24 2010
Inspiration point 1.24.2010
Register Ridge 1/21
Echo Mt and Mt lowe fireroad 1-21-2010
Baldy 1-17-10
Mt. Baldy summit via Baldy Bowl
Middle Fork, Lytle Creek - Icehouse Saddle
Mt. Wilson Trail 1-16-10
1-16-2010 Rattle Snake Peek
Mt. Zion Dayhike
Telegraph Peak via NW Face, 09-Jan-2010
Iron-Baldy Traverse Attempt
Big Iron pushing nonstop 01/09/2010
Rubio Canyon to (near) Muir Peak: 01-09-2010
Inspiration Point 1-9-10
Little Santa Anita canyon
20100105 Harwood NE Face Attempt #3
Ice house Canyon 1.3.2010
Last Sunset of 2009 over Baldy
20091231 Baden Powell NE Face - Time Attack!
Mt. Zion: 12-30-2009
Baden Powell: Missed it by that much.
Another Accident on Baldy - 12/27
Baldy at 60mph 12.23.09
Wednesday's accident on Mt. Baldy
Ski Hut
Skyliners on Baldy 12.20.09
Baldy Register Ridge 12-21-09
Ski Hut, 19 Dec 2009, now I have seen everything
Mt. Baldy 12/20/2009
Cima Mesa - Twin Peaks Trail
West Baldy, Baldy, Harwood and the DB at night - 12.19.09
Taco Thursday at Baldy Bowl 12-17-09
20091215 CJ's Hooker 915M AI3ish WI2ish M3ish
Mt. Baldy 12/15/09
Little Santa Anita Canyon 2009/12/13
Mt. San Antonio - Sunday December 13, 2009
Big Santa Anita Canyon Hike
Baden-Powell to Shoemaker Road: Epic Fail
Iron-Baldy Double Traverse - 12/5/09
Angeles Crest Highway drive: 12-06-2009
Manzanita Ridge: 12-05-2009
Never know who you'll meet on the trail
Angeles Crest Highway reopening 11/30/2009
Falling Rock Canyon 11-29-09
Echo Mountain to Inspiration Point
Ontario Peak vs Short Cut Ridge
Bridge to Nowhere, 22 Nov
PCT from Soledad to Mount Gleason
Frankish Peak via the Stoddard-Barrett Road
On The Hunt With Cougarmagic 11.21.09
Trip report: Register ridge->Baldy->Dawson->Backbon
Mt Baden-Powell, 15 Nov 2009
Mt Wilson Toll Road Trail Run
20091114-15 Sugarloaf and Ontario Peaks
Falling Fir Ridge (Ontario Peak)
Earl Cyn Rd 2009_11_10
Ontario Peak, Sugarloaf Ridge - 11/7/2009
South Fork - Crystal Lake - Windy Gap
Mt. Baden-Powell - 11/7/09
Taking 5 Newbies to the top of Baldy
Iron Mt 11.7.2009
Cucamonga Peak: 11-07-2009
TR: Fire escape Canyon 2009/11/01
Newcomb Pass and Mt. Wilson
Pleasant View Ridge
new trail name
US Mineral Mounment #173(East Fork) 10/22-10/23(no pictures)
20091025 Iron Mountain
Hastings Peak & Jones Peak: 10-25-2009
Lupine, down Prairie Fork.
Cucamonga Peak & Ghetto Trail Markers 10-24-09
Three Tee's - Ice House Canyon : 10/17/09
Register Ridge to Harwood, Baldy, West Baldy
Mt. Wilson Toll Road, High Pt. 4320+: 10-18-2009
Burned Area Photos and Old Mt Wilson Trail 10/17/09
Mt Wilson Lollipop 10-17
Midnight Madness Part #3
Icehouse Canyon Exploration, 10-Oct-2009
LSA Newcomb Pass Wilson
Echo Mtn.-Inspiration Pt.-Peak 4714: 10-11-2009
Station Fire vegetation recovery in Big T (legal access)
Mt. Baldy 2009-10-10
Baldy via Backbone 10-9-09
Devils Punchbowl Stairmaster
Falling Rock Canyon 10/4/09
Manzanita Tr. - South Fork - Williamson - PCT - Vincent Gap
Mt. Baldy 2009-10-03
Mt Baldy via Mt Baldy Trail
Cucamonga and Etiwanda yeah
Henninger Flats: 09-19-2009
PCT from I-15 to 3N31
Buck Point Loop
20090918 Stockton Flat Survival Shtuff
Gobblers Knob & Circle Mtn.: 09-13-2009
Mt. Baldy, complete south ridge (8/29/09)
Southwest Ridge of Thunder Mountain (8/22/09)
Etiwanda Ridge, Joe Elliot Campground, Deer Canyon Loop
Upper Lytle Creek Road - PCT - Devil's Backbone - Dawson
Mt. Baldy 2009-08-29
Throop, Burnham, Baden Powell
Dawson & Pine 8-23
Mt Markham "Ramp Route"--where the #@*! is it??
Mt. Baldy Meet Up
Too Many Hawkinses
Dawson Peak Trail from Fish Fork
Mt. Hawkins & Copter Ridge: 08-16-2009
Routine Baldy trip 8-14-09
East Fork to Stanley-Miller Mine
San antonio ridge 8-15
20090813 Stoddard Peak, and a crag by the road
Late report: Kelly's Camp and Ontario Peak, 1-2 August
Fight On...Baldy Village to Wrightwood and back. 8-8-09
Baldy from the Village
Baldy & Three Ts 8/8/09
Mt. Lewis: 08-08-2009
Mt. Burnham & Throop Peak: 08-08-2009
Islip Saddle to Reed Spring 7/29/09
Wrightwood to Baldy Traverse, Wright, Pine, Dawson and Baldy
Sawpit canyon to Monrovia Peak Mountain Bike
Cabin Flat 7/26/09
Upper Fish Fork Camp 7/25/09
Telegraph Peak 2009-07-25
Cool Crag Ridge 20090725
Cucamonga, Etiwanda, & Bighorn Peaks
Devils Punchbowl 7-20
Cucamonga Peak 2009-07-18
Old Baldy, Yesterday?
Iron Mountain Last Saturday
Baldy via Bear flat 7.12
Sugarloaf 7-11-09
Goodykoontz Peak: 07-11-2009
Islip Saddle to Buckhorn Camp, via Pleasant View Ridge 7/9/0
Buckhorn on the Fourth of July weekend...
Six Peak Loop on the 5th of July
Stockton Flat Icehouse Saddle, July 4th
Little Fish Fork Overnighter, 7/2 - 7/3/2009
Hawkins 5 Peak Loop
Trail Canyon Trail 7-3-09
Mt Baldy K9 attempt, 4 July 2009
Ontario Peak 2009-07-03
Sugarloaf Peak: 07-03-2009
Baldy 7/1/09
ontario peak
North Ridge Iron Mountain
Mt. Harwood, Mt. Baldy & West Baldy - 6/27/2009
Cucamonga Peak with the SoCal Hikers, Backpackers, 27 Jun 09
Punchbowl Pallett Williamson South Fork Loop
Alder Creek to Barley Flats: 27 June 2009
South fork Big Rock Creek to Islip Saddle 6-24-09
koo-koo for Cucamonga
Where Koreans Kongregate: Kelly's Kamp 20-21 June 2009
Middle Fork of Lytle Creek 6/20/2009
Baldy for Baldy 20090620
30 miles to Nowhere
Upper Fish Fork 6/13/2009
Timber Mountain 6/13
Mt Baldy 6/13/09
Vincent Gap to Islip Saddle 6/11/09
Big Bad Iron Mountain 6/11/09
Throop Peak, Mt. Burnham & Mt. Baden-Powell - 6/6/2009
Cucamonga Peak 6/9/09
Unsuccessful Triplet Rock attempt
Quick Waterman trip + motorcycle rescue
Foggy, cold Baldy/Three T's 6/6/09
Silver on the Side 2009/06/06
Foggy Mountain
Mt Baden-Powell to Islip Saddle NOT!
Iron Mountain 6-5-09
Mt Baldy 6/4/09
1:15 am and not a car or another person in sight.........
25 Peaks in 24 Hours (5/30/09)
Waterman Mtn Trail 5/29/09
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