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Whitney Cyn Rd to Wilson Cyn Saddle -Mtn Biking- 11/16/2010
Iron Mtn FAIL! Sunday 11/14/2010
Iron to Baldy Traverse
Back in the saddle again
11.12.10 - pct from inspiration vista to jackson flat
Fish Canyon Falls (11-11-10)
Baldy Today
Cima Mesa - Sulphur Springs - Bare Mtn - Little Rock Creek
A Saintly Trifecta 11-6-10
ontario peak and bighorn peak via icehouse 11.5.10
Cortelyou Spring Crag & Mt. Islip: 11-06-2010
Anybody on Baldy today (Saturday 11/6)?
Pacoima Canyon via Dorothy Canyon
Magic Mountain -The Hard Way-
10.29 dawson saddle to mt hawkins in ginormous santa ana's
10.27 - castle canyon/echo mountain via sam merrill
Mt. Baldy, South Ridge
Idlehour, Caltech Cyn., Esme Cyn. Water Tunnels: 10-23-2010
Crest Highway (detour) loop - roadtrip 10.22.10
10.18 - eaton to idlehour t.h. via toll road - IN THE RAIN
The colors of fall 10/17/10
Triplet Rocks
10.15 - icehouse canyon - saddle hike
Cucamonga Peak from San Sevaine Rd 101010
10.11 - dawson saddle to baden-powell and burnham
Falling Fir Ridge on Ontario Peak
Triple Crown (2010-10-10)
101010 Baldy Bowl - Piton Rock
Baldy via Bear Flat 10-8-10
Tour de 39
IHC to Middle Fork Lytle Creek 10/3/10
Mt. Baldy (10/2/2010)
Baldy - Dawson - Pine
20100922 Rattlesnake Peak Trail Maintenance
Jones Peak & bees: 09-19-2010
Baldy - Backbone - 3Ts - Cucamonga - IHS - Ontario
1938 Mt.Baldy Rock climbing Video,Base Parachuting nap sack
3 Ts - Friday September 17th
East Fork to Fish Fork
1 N Harvard/Idlehour 9/6/10
Baldy Run to the Top 2010
buckhorn camping thursday-friday 9/2-3
Fish Fork Canyoneering
Village to Baldy Pace Hike + 3T's 8/28/2010
Pallett Mountain: 08-29-2010
Haines Canyon 082810
20100827 Middle Fork Lytle Creek Canyoneeeeeering
Icehouse - Cucamonga - Bighorn - Chapman
5 Peaks on Friday 8-20-10
Baldy Dawson Pine and Back
Return to Scene of Accident 07/24/10 Late Report
IHC, Falling Rock Canyon, Ontario Peak, 3 Ts, +Trailcam epic
3 Peaks But Not 3T's Sunday 8-15-10
Looooong weekend. Baldy, Cuca CYN, Carillon.
Baldy via Ski Hut Trail 8-14-10
Cucamonga Peak Sunday 8/8/2010
20100807-08 Horse Flats and Big Rock
Register Ridge with a Norma Sighting
Middle, South & Sadie Hawkins: 08-08-2010
20100801 Horse Flats Etc
Hawkins to Heaton and back(via Hwy39) in 48 hours
Words of encouragement,Blind students ascend Mt. Baldy
20100725 Kimchi Ridge
Baldy -North Backbone Trail-
Shin's 200th Baldy Summit
Smith Mountain: 07-24-2010
20100720 Aid Practice
Baldy 07112010 and Vivian Creek San Gorgonio 07182010
Deer Canyon - Etiwanda Peak
20100718 San Antonio Falls
Baldy 6 Peaks 7-17-10
Van Tassel Ridge (07-17-2010)
IHC to Bighorn Ridge 07/14/10
Fine dining on Mt. Wilson
Ontario Peak Bighorn Sheep Sighting
Bighorn Peak, 10 Jul 2010
20100709 Mormon Rocks again
Pine, Dawson, Wright: 07-10-2010
Mt. Baden Powell Plus 3 On Jul3
20100705 Mormon Rocks
Mt. Baldy: 07-03-2010
Land of many uses - ARRL Field Day
Ice House Canyon 6-26-10
Pre Eclipse Jaunt Up Bear Canyon
Icehouse Canyon, Kelly Camp, Ontario, Cucamonga 6/19/10
Quick trip up Swasticrag
Baden Powell -> Monday 6/21
Bridge to Nowhere with the kids, 19 June 2010
San Antonio Ridge Traverse: Iron to Baldy 6-20-10
Baldy South Ridge 6-19-10
Icehouse Canyon warnings: Bears and Scum
Ontario Peak 6/14
Eaton Canyon'eering 6.13.10
Ice Pirates of the Canyon "Eaton"
Three Points - East Twin - Waterman
Iron>Baldy SA Ridge Traverse 6-11-10
EricK cruises up Iron Mountain in 2:15
Middle Fork Lytle Creek exploring: 06-12-2010
Two hot days in the San Gabriels
More trad. Nothing to see here, move along!
Sheep Canyon 6/5/2010
That crag again. This time, graffiti clean up!
Baldy Ski Hut/Backbone 6-4-10
June 1 2010, Smiff Crag and THE ROAD IS OPEN YAY!
Cooper Canyon trail camp 06/01
Mt Baldy NE Face
Smith Mountain 5/31/10
Not a trip report: Baldy, 30 May 2010
Cucamonga Snow - It's Been Fun
Something or other crag and whatnot and things
Mount Islip/S and M Hawkins, 5/25/10
Mt. Baldy, Northeast Face
"Lost" Sunday Surprise!
Never too much Eaton Canyon
Henninger Flats: 05-22-2010
20100520 Harwood Couloir #1 with Sam and Patrick
20100516 FRC Rappelling
Mt. Wilson via Chantry Flat 5/15/2010
'Habitat Work' volunteering in Arroyo Seco
Icehouse - Bighorn - Ontario - Kelly's Camp
East Fork - Iron Mt - NW Ridge - Stanley-Miller Mine Loop
Los Pinetos trail and NHPS "Manzanita Mountain"
Chantry Flat to Mt Zion Peak
Chantry Flat - Lower Devil's Canyon
Sheep Canyon and some Rappelling, May 9 2010
East Fork to Eagle Mine (and a little BHR trail exploration)
Baldy Bowl (5/8/2010)
Mt. Baldy 05-01-10
Mt. Williamson: 05-02-2010
Philosophical Blatherings and the San Antonio Ridge
hwy 39 to Crystal Lake
20100429-30 Baldy Bowl Midnight
Santa Anita canyon 4/29/10
Falling Rock Canyon via Register Ridge
Sunset Peak & Potato Mt from Padua Hills
Allison Mine - Allison Gulch
Barrett-Stoddard to Frankish Peak and a bit more
Mt Akawie - Cooper Canyon Falls - Winston Ridge & Peak
Devil's Punchbowl, almost to Burkhart Saddle
Hastings Peak & Jones Peak: 04-18-2010
Baldy Bowl (4/17/2010)
Sunset Ridge Route & SA Falls
Baldy Tuesday morning
hwy 39 to Islip Saddle
Double Iron
Baldy Today
Sunset Peak & Baldy Notch: Saturday
Baldy Chutes, 03-Apr-2010
Baldy Village Trail Saturday 4-3-10
Baldy Easter Sunday
20100401 April Fool's Day Hike
Baldy on Sunday
Iron Mountain,
Baldy Bowl (Thursday, 3/25)
Burro Peak and West Fork of San Gabriel River
Big Horn Peak from Lytle Creek
Santiago Canyon - Pacifico Mountain
Glendora to Manker Flats
Baldy via Bear Flat 3-20-10
Mt. Waterman unnecessary snowshoe
Ollestad Memorial Route, Ontario Peak (3/17/2010)
Two Noobs Summit Baldy (2nd attempt) via The Bowl 3/13/10
Falling Rock and Disneyland
Baldy Reunion - March 14th, 2010
Baldy Snow Cave (2010-03-13)
Ontario Peak, Ollestad Canyon (3/12/2010)
White cliffs of Middle Fork Lytle Creek: 03-13-2010
Ingrid's First Time: Mt Baldy 11 Mar 2010
Photos From Baldy 03/07/10 Trip
West Cucamonga Truck Trail
South Hawkins ridge 3/6-unplanned bivy (18 pictures)
Baldy Trip Report 03/07/10
Mt. Baldy - 3.7.10
Icehouse Canyon - 6 March 2010
Telegraph NW Face via Lightning Couloir Detour - 3.6.10
First ascent! ( me.. of Baldy)
Telegraph South Couloir 3.4.10
Baldy Today 3-4-2010
Got Zen! 2.2.10
Baldy brew Coulior
Shortcut Ridge 2-28-10
20100226 Baldy Brew Couloir
Baden Powell
Bighorn & Timber 2.21.10
Baldy Bowl 02212010
Upper Winter Creek - Santa Anita Ridge Loop: 02-21-2010
Mt. Wilson via Chantry Flat 2-20-10
20100217 "Chimneyville"
Sierra Madre to Jones Peak
Rattlesnake Peak, 2/16/10
Idlehour trail 2/15 to (formerly) Markham canyon
Henninger Flats & High Point 3681: 02-13-2010
Little Miss Calamity - 12FEB2010
20100213 Horse Canyon-ish
Baldy Today
Running Water Trail 2010/02/11
Falling Rock Cyn. to Sugarloaf and Ontario Pk. 2-7-10
Pleasant View Ridge to Will Thrall Peak - Part 2
"Falling Fir Ridge" 2-7-10
The Pinnacle 2010/02/08
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