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Los Padres
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Dry Lakes Ridge
Dough Flat Walkabout
Cerro Alto Peak, Los Padres
Dragon's Back to Arlington, Cathedral & La Cumbre Peaks.
Santa Paula Canyon
Santa Ynez HP and Divide Peak
Slide Mountain Lookout
Sespe Creek Water Recon
Chief Peak the Ugly Way
Los Padres NF Potrero Seco Rd
Howard Creek Trail to Nordhoff Peak
Slide Mountain LO and Dome Mountain
Los Padres NF:Matilija Creek 2/16/15
Nordhoff Peak via Pratt Trail
Rose Valley Falls
Hildreth Peak from Hwy 33
Los Padres Trifecta: Sewart, Cobblestone, and White
Los Padres
Cobblestone Mountain via Redrum Ridge
Cara Blanca via "Cara Mia", Class IV
Piedra Blanca
Reyes Peak (LPNF)
Sespe River Hike
10 days in Los Padres NF
Sespe bpack trip - Upper Reyes Trail Camp
San Rafael Peak-5-23
Devil's Heart Peak via new route: Coronary Couloir Class III
Monte Arido Peak (HPS) & Old Man Mountain (HPS)
Samon Peak (HPS)
White Ledge Peak via new route, Trespass Gully Class 3-4
King's Crest (Peak4864), and an attempt at White Ledge Peak.
Lockwood Peak and San Guillermo Mountain, 12/16/12
Montecito Peak
Whiteacre Peak (SVS) , Southern Los Padres, Condor Day!
Sulfer Peak, Southern Los Padres 11/28/12
Maulce Peak as a dayhike, 22.5 miles of unmaintained trail
Topatopa Fire Lookout, a 20 mile day through Egypt
Project Sespe Connect: walking the entire river.
A Descent of Old Man Canyon from Old Man Mountain.
mt pinos trail - 7.31.12
Add: Potrero John Creek w/ no ropes 7/19/12
Bear, Bear, and Eagle Rest Peak
Mt. Pinos via North Fork Trail ~ LPNF ~ 2011-08-29
2011-08-01 - Willett Hot Springs - Sespe Wilderness
2011-04-25 - waterfall vista redux Santa Paula Creek
Hines Peak, LPNF 4.21.11
2011-04-11 Rarely seen waterfall Santa Paula Canyon LPNF
Lake Piru, Agua Blanca Creek, and Devil's Gateway 03/13/11
2.23.11 Hines Peak - summit FAIL, fun hike WIN
22-mile Loop in Los Padres Nat'l Forest 2.9.11
Piedra Blanca loop 06/08/10
Pothole / Devil's Gateway / Agua Blanca ~ LPNF ~ 5.10.2010
Santa Paula Peak, Los Padres Nat'l Forest, 5.4.10
The Pothole Trail :: LPNF :: 2.20.2010
Agua Blanca Trail / Devil's Gateway - LPNF - 1.9.2010
Gridley Trail To Nordhoff Peak
Mt Pinos, Sawmill Mtn. snowshoe
San Rafael Peak-Sespe Wilderness
Haddock Mountain, LPNF 11.30.09
Black Friday Canyon 2009/11/27
Sespe Wilderness, Gene Marshall/Piedra Blanca trail
Tar Creek Canyoneering, Sespe Wilderness
Topa Topa Bluffs, Los Padres Nat'l Forest
Potrero John Creek -Los Padres NF- 11/5/2009
Reyes Peak, Los Padres Nat'l Forest 10.26.09
Tar Creek - canyoneering-
Hines Peak 9.12
Mountain Prozac (escape to Mt Pinos)
Piru Creek 9/4/09
Sespe Wilderness Exploratory Hike 8/25/09
Frazier Park peaks 8-29
Lake Pyramid area 7/3/08 - White Mountains
Sawmill Mnt, Burnt Peak, Sawtooth Mnt and Liebre Mnt.
Ventura County and Kern County High Points
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