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Twelve pulled to safety by helicopter. TWELVE!! WTF?
Climber "Rescued" in Dana Point
Legal Eagle for San J Snow Creek Mountaineers
Millard Falls Trail
4 in 24 - More Rick Kent-Likes
Icehouse Canyon Ranger Station
NPS Takeover
Lebec fire
Mt Disappoinment 50K race
Perseids anyone?
Closure areas, quantum physics, and you
Big Rock (Lake Perris) to close soon
Altadena Crest Trail
Conditions at the Cosmic Cafe on Mt. Wilson?
Aetherius Society on Baldy 7-30-10
Bull Fire -Sequoia NF-
16 Climbers injured on Grand Teton - 1 missing
Sat July 24th what's going on?
Tropical Depression Six-E
2 separate hikers rescued on Skyline
Camp Sierra Trail Restoration Meeting
New NPS Website
Interesting Read
Pacific Crest Trail
Cosmic Cafe to open on Mt. Wilson
Matilija Canyon & Falls Closure
Partial Lunar Eclipse
Chaney Trail gate closed for July 4 weekend
Huell Howser: Mt. Wilson Observatory on KCET This Weekend
A Bear Incident with a Happy Ending
Lost hiker descends Chino Canyon
Adventure Pass Extension?
Ontario Peak, Bighorn Peak, Timber Mt. and Kelly's Camp
Reported Vandalism near Baldy
7 OC'ers Make News from Everest: 6 Summit
Commission Recommends New Methods to Fight Forest Fires
National Parks Closed For Annual Remajestification
A new low at high altitude?
Someone is going to be in the dog house!
Youngest woman to summit the Big E
Mt. Baldy, Northeast Face
Proposal to add wilderness areas in San Gabriels
South Fork Trail (Big Rock Creek)
Oxnard Bear Rescue
Guy gets airlifted from old mt wilson trail today
Trail Maintenance Events
Photos of Switzer and Bear Canyon
Wedberg Everest slideshow tonight April 6th in Griffith Park
East Fork to Narrows water level / conditions
Popular Calif outdoors writer arrested in pot bust
The Angeles Loses A Good One
Hobo attacks hiker on malibu trail, steals vehicle
Falling Rock Canyon (Sugarloaf Peak)
Mt Waterman open 3/12?
Avalanches in San Gorgonio?
He would have been better off in the wilderness
"trail head" killer linked to 8th victum
Sam Merrill Trail (Echo Mountain)
Runyon canyon hiker suffers head trauma
No parking for hikers
Hikers find skull in Griffith Park
San Diego Hiker falls accidently
** ST FRANCIS DAM DISASTER ** Lecture & Bus Tour to Dam
Snow Gives way and Man falls into crater of Mt. Saint Helens
The Mega Crystals of Naica Mine
Otter mistaken for drowning snowmobiler.
Hikers Comp
Hikers allowed guns on Mt Rainier
Hike permitting
New hiking Tv series
Pair of cougars attack 2 hikers
North Devil's Backbone
Winter skyliner rescued
yellow stone caldera may blow soon
Holy Crap Ice!
Permits required for Half Dome
Holy Jim Trail & Santiago Peak
Helmets Today
Devil's Backbone Access
Sunset Ridge Fire Road (2N07)
San Gorgonio South Fork
Turn green for Hiking!
Camera stolen, "person of interest" on video
SOL 1/23/10
Rains wash up human remains in ventura
Arroyo Seco debris flow
Millard Canyon Already A Mess
Potrero John Trail - LPNF - mudflow 1.18.2010
great story of roughing during snow storm
Hiker falls thru donut hole
Newcomb's Ranch may close
Via Feratta
Don't Be Stupid!
L.A. County considers automated wildfire detection system
Forest Service Plan Cuts Discounts for Seniors, Disabled
Another local completes hiking goal!
Body of fallen hiker recovered in Hawaii
hiker Vs javelina
Hydromulching in ANF
Hikers find bomb in San Diego
Movie about that hiker amputator!
hiker vs elephant
I wish i could have that resolution
Missing hiker from Oregon found dead
hike aborted.
2009 Accidents/Incidents on Shasta
More bones of hikers found!
Mt Pinos recon?
Vehicle Fire in Big Santa Anita Canyon
Skull is found in wildfire burn area
4 rescuers killed - Italy
Hikers lost at tram 12/16/09
Makes ya wander sometimes......
Millard Canyon flood video
Mt. Baldy rescue: 12/23
hikers mugged in south africa
hikers airlifted to safety after falling near six flags
Proposed dam to be built near baldy
Robbery at Eaton Canyon pullout
2006 Repeat
Bones found in Death Valley could be those of missing German
Hiking is a good excuse for every thing
Skyliner airlifted to safety near tram
Triathlete dies in hiking accident in vancouver
Danger in Glendale
Hiker rescued at BATCAVE
67 yr old missing in Black Mt Range
Insects at Monrovia Peak
US Forest Service Reviews No Night-Flying Policy
hoodoo booboo
Weather Forecast, but wait theres more.
This is why i hate class 3
man stuck inside the nutty putty
Hikers vs Deer
Lost backerpacker found unhurt in NM
Wildfire Grows To 250 Acres In Southern California
Worst season to be stranded!
5 million paces
Sturtevant Camp's Death Sentence
Missing hiker rescued in NM
Coyote mauling in CANADa
new fire on west side of sgm
Sad News - Body found in Bailey Canyon.
Gorgonio - Water?
Water at Ski Hut (Baldy Bowl)?
Fire Weather Watch
RMRU report of rescue on Skyline
LA Sheriff Body Found
Transient arrested in fire probe
BAER Posted
Rain guages
So.... I guess this pretty much does it for the Fire?
Debris Flow Potential Study
U.S.F.S Ranger loses homes, and animals in fires
Wrightwood on the edge of disaster
Order 01-09-08 My interpretation of the map
Not the Cucamonga wilderness?!
Lone Pine earthquake 5.2 on 10/2/2009
Community Presentation-USFS-Big Tujunga today
Some updates on Trails/Areas
Baldy Update
Fire near fillmore.
Boy, 13, charged with Arson
sgm then and now (videos)
Is Stockton Flat closed?
Article w new pics of Switzer picnic area - untouched
Acorn Trail (Wrightwood)
Baldy Still Closed
'suicidal' cows
Maine man busted for climbing into national forest crapper
Father and daughter climb all Colorado's 54 - 14000ers
San Gabriel Wilderness fire history
Community Meeting #2
LA Times disses our mountains
Chantry Flat
Some photos of damage
Inspiration Point lives on (for now): 2009-09-01
The Station Fire Thread
Fire burning in Angeles Forest above Azusa
Out and backs....are out!
zoning out on trail
pack a monocle
Thumbs down!
Play your cards right
Water @ Plummer Meadows? (San Gorgonio Wilderness)
San Antonio Ridge Traverse
Desperate Rescue in the Karakoram
San Gabriel Mountains could get new federal designation
I need SPOT
Going to will thrall was no thrill
Tom Sloane Trail
Hiker negligence is right
Who would plan this hike?
Simonov's Dog 'Cisco' in the News!
Another "hiker" injured at Eaton Canyon
Bear Vault Compromised by Bears (BV350, 400, 450, & 500)
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