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Intergrade Pacific Rattlesnake?
Books and websites
Spider ID?
Snake ID requested
Sarcodes Sanguinea (Snow Plant)
What kind of bird is this?
Gastropod Mollusk~ Ariolimax Dolichophallus
Foxes and marine life
mushrooms & poppies
What kind of bird was this?
Free Invasive Plants Guide
Biota Around West Fuji
Another cool mushroom
Wow so many colorful mushrooms and fungus!
Bald Eagle nestlings
witches' butter, tremella sp.
Name that Fungus!
What kind of mushroom is this?
Dismembered deer
Bison & Foxes
Gratuitous Pictures of Sheep
Paso Frog
Rattlesnake stew
Rosy Boa
The little frog
Snake ID please
Rattlesnake season
Poppy Project
Bald Eagle Nest in San Gabriel Canyon
A Pair of Eagles
Bald Eagle
San Gabriel Monument Eaglet
Spring - Santa Clara Divide
Bald Eagle Cam on Santa Cruz Island
Small snake, big meal
Cat-tle Canyon
youtube:bear cub interaction w/ mountain bikers - June 2015
big cat on yerba buena ridge
Lyme in Little Tujunga
Raptor vid
Crazy Bugs on the San Bernardino Peak Trail
Tarantula Hawk
Look who's coming to dinner
How many bears live in Monrovia canyon?
As promised, alligators
Bear Today on Mt. Lowe Railway Trail
What kind of raptor?
This Year's Fawn Crop
Seen Today
Recommend rotate 90 degrees
Creepy Crawly
Double snake surprise
Mtn Lion mating
Mystery Tracks
Mountain lion on Altadena Crest Trail
2 Cats Cross the 101
G2 wildlife photography exhibit
New pics!
Chino Hills Agave - Updated 5/3
Bear and Friend?
At Last... A Mountain Lion
What kind of cactus?
Rattlesnake Talk This Saturday in San Dimas
Santa Monica Mountains Wildflowers
Tough Times for Band-tailed Pigeons
caught on camera
Legless lizard?
Birdman of Alcatraz
New Tree Species?
Black Bear Portrait
Cooperative Concolor
Bear and fox
Backcountry bobcat
SoCal Mountain Lions Face Genetic Decay
Sperm Whales Off of Laguna Beach
Mountain lion nom noms
Bears making the local news
Unusual Activity...
Bug ID
Monarch the Grizzly
help identify animal print
Lion and Fox
Nasty plant with spikey balls
My First Bear on Camera
Mtn Lion (local mountain)
Coyote Weirdly
Big Horn Sightings(s) on Baldy
Another desert lion
New Burbank gang problem?
calling cougarmagic - got any 'wild' guesses ???
Mountain Lion Killed by Deputies in Rancho Cucamonga
Bighorns on Bighorn
Scout trailcam behavior
Speaking of Fawns...
Curious bear cub
California King Snake
Western Tanager
Redwoods in San Gabriel Moutnains
Henninger Flats Bear Encounter - May 2014
Wildlife/rat poison lecture at Griffith Park
Watcha' Doin'?
bears and foxes, May 2014
Article on Bighorn sheep in the Los Padres
Osprey Nest Cam
Bedford Peak Wildflowers
Northern California Golden Eagle
Warhol Fox
New Botanical Sanctuary Near Redlands
Butterfly and mushrooms
Stupid bears
Deep Thoughts bear
P-22, Passenger Pigeons and Us
P-22's condition breaks my heart
Gray Fox and bear
Legless Trail Companion
Burrowing Owls
Do deer get mange?
Spider web
KTLA:Mountain Lion(P-22) Strolling Through Hollywoood Hills
Ring Tailed Cat
Scorpion, Squirrel, and Flowers
Santa Monica kitties...
Mystery of the Puffy White Ball Thingies
Are these mountain lion tracks?
Sheep charge; kids do learn from home life
Big kitty, Mt Wilson
Three Coyotes and a Snake
Mountain Lion Tooth??
More Camera Trap
Sun Valley Mountain Lion
My First Camera Trap Pics
Island Fox (Urocyon littoralis santacruzae)
Redwoods north of Santa Cruz
Red Tail Hawk
Can someone identify these prints?
Mountain Lions in National Geographic Magazine, Dec 2013
San Gabriel Mountains Deforestation
Misbehaving kittens
big oso track in Carpinteria
The Battle of Little Bighorns
SGM Kitty Kats
Wildlife images
More lion photoss
Wildlife at Wilderness Park
Puma concolor?
Grey Fox
P-22 the Rock Star
That bump u hear in the woods at night..............
what animal lives in this den?
This bunny failed to hop
Tarantula and Hawk
Mtn Lion and Bobcat
Bear Aftermath
Breakfast with P-23
Help ID Tracks in Sand?
More kitteny goodness
So Cal Bears have Yosemite Roots
Bighorn and snake
Nice lion photos
Bobcat Mange & Mortality in Puente Hills
Use a leash please [Update: The official asshat thread]
Lion 'meow', nap time, and bobcat on the hunt
Identify this plant IDENTIFIED: Spanish Broom
Baby bear adorableness
What kind of snake is this?
Skinny bear, snake and bobcat
King snake and birds
what's this from?
What Lizard?
Desert Lion
Deer Along the Ski Hut Trail
What bird is this?
Those poisenous purple flour plants all over
Glendale lion
Bobcats near Mt Lukens
Big Horns
Anyone seen a bear while hiking in the Angeles Forest?
Add:Mountain Lion Tracks on Rocky Peak Road
Identify this red berried shrub/tree?
What is This?
Crazy alien plant/fungus/organism
Cats n bears
Cat videos - mostly for HikeUp
A Mom Bighorn
An unusual experience on the 2
Scat in the morning
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