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"Urban Carnivores" book (local)
Just Another Roadside Attraction
Flower ID assistance request
Proposal: Introduction of Endangered Species to the SG's
Crocodile vs Hippo
Fire Ecology presentation in Santa Clarita Wed 3/10
What kind of skull is this? Bighorn sheep? Donkey? Pig?
Small Track ID?
Annual Bighorn Sheep Survey March 13/14
Not a cougar, Bailey Canyon
Parasitic Tree Branch
Chimps uncover camera trap
Bobcats in the news
Frog predatory movements caught in slow motion
Guepards bond with impala
snake vs bird
Scat and track ID
I need critter ID help
Saga of the Santa Ana Sucker
San Gabriel bears are "bad" bears (article)
Verdugo Bobcats
Cougar Quiz
Name That Varmint
Orange County Lion Caught?
Buck U.
Three Sister Denizens of Baldy
Very endeering
Alligator in Brand Park?
A magik few moments -- but not within the San Gabe's....
Bighorn Sheep and lambs on Mt. Baldy
Coyotes kill woman on hike in Canadian park
Cat trax at Henninger
whoops - duplicate post. Nevermind.
Mt Wilson has a bear...
giant scratch lounge
Le Ringtail
Ski Hut Rattlesnake
Anyone ever see a ringtail?
PVR Bear + cubbie
South Fork Trail bears
The Scrub Jay in my mind. . .
Another cougarcam blog
Mtn Lion with cubs picture
unidentified creature turns up in creek
Ridiculous news story about a bear
Guess what I saw this morning?
Wildlife at watering hole in NM
Please help me ID this freshwater creature
Cougar love!
snakes on baldy
Bears and dogs
South Fork San Joaquin Trout
raccoon, bear butt at Reed Spring
Another bear story - This time in Colorado
Bear up in Washington
Flower identification requests
Fresh lion tracks in Arroyo Seco 8/6/09
Bear Shot in San Antonio Heights Neighborhood
Bobcat, cute fawn, very weird hikers (Mt. Williamson)
Why that's just my pet snake, Reggie!
Yellow-toed Frog Discovered
Deer in Monrovia
Bobcat, fawn, deer 06/22/09
Holy crap stick insect!
Bobcat, Bear, and Bambi
Animal Tracks ID please (Sierra Range)
Flower identification assistance requested
Flora along the Stone Cyn Trail 2009/05/28
Crotalus, Throop Peak
Unusual warning sign
Animal ID
Mtn Lion and Bighorn presentation at Eaton Canyon on Wed.
Invasion of the bobcats
mary had a lytle lamb
Chaney Trail bobcat - live!
Waterman/Twin Peaks critters
Flora along the Stone Cyn Trail
Cougar and Dog: the real story.
Wildlife Sightings (sorry no pics)
Bear versus Cougar video
Wildflowers Photo contest
Does a bear poop in the woods? (warning - gross image)
Pleasant View Cat Tracks
Trailcam variety pack
Nice article about OC lion study
Cougarmagic's Most Wanted
but wait, there's more gato..
El Gato Gabrielino
Cougar Moo-gic?
Cougar Class this Tuesday 3/17
Snake spooked 2...
Scat in your face
Trailcam fox and coyote
Trailcam bobcat - finally!
Gray Foxes on Condor Peak trail (trailcam)
Snakes in the San Gabriel Mountains
What made these tracks?
Bighorn sheep - a quest for a photo
Another front range lion
Your average bear...
Where have you been, where have you been, where...
Snake with a problem.....
Altadena Lion sighting (11/13/2008)
Tree ID
Front range lion
Be Careful with them there animals!!
Sheep Thrills
City deer, mtn biker, smoke from the fires
Trailcam hikers
Job Opening in Canada
Me Yow!
bald eagle
Bird identification
Skunk vs Possum
'Nother bear
Glendora Mountain Lion Redux
Extreemly dangerous unpredictable brown bear in Glendora
Here kitty, kitty.
New bear pics!
Black Bear: 2008-08-17
Bear Sighting on the Mt. Wilson Trail.
Orange County Man "attacked" by mountain lion.
Blackberry is ripen
Rattlesnake Bites
Yucca plants in bloom ..
Yucca in water
Squirrels on peaks
I hate spiders.
What birds are these?
Fly species?
Kind of snake in Ice House canyon
a near bear sighting in Baldy's Bear Canyon
What Beautiful Plant Is This?
The 'What flower is it (and can you smoke it?)' thread
Wildlife in the San Gabriel Mountians
Chaparral is starting to bloom....
Mountain Lion sighted near JPL: 2008-01-16
Dark Ruddy-Brown Deer?
Home Bears - Watch the Camp Food
question regarding identification of plants
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