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September critters
Female Mountain Lion Calling for Mates
Self-Surgery (video link): Extraction of Yucca Needle
Day of the Condor
King snake on snake predation.
Bighorn video
Little Bighorn
Bighorn Sighting
CSI Santa Monica - what happened to this deer?
"New" Santa Monica mtn. lion
Too hot to do anything but lay around
Snakes are out there; keep eyes and ears tuned
So where be the snakes?
07162012 Baldy Bear
The Best Way to Grow Deer...
Cougar Encounter in Eaton Canyon 8:40PM 6/29/12
Bear Creek Critters
Pine Marten?
Bobcat calling sounds
Bobcat cub in the day time
unexpected visitor
Man Kills Cougar With A Frying Pan
another Bobcat walking the deer trail
"Living With Mountain Lions" presentation 5/14 in
Altadena Bears 2012-05-03
UC Davis Wildlife Health Center Facebook
Small bobcat video
Mountain lion cuts a switchback
Mountain Lion Government Conspiracy uncovered!
Ring-tailed cat
Mtn. Lion & Bear encounter in news
Gray Fox
Red-tailed Hawk Cam
What animal would do this?
What is?
How could you not love this face?
Bobcat with dinner, and a stolen camera
Hoegee campground wildlife
All creatures great and small
The snakes are out
Ca Fish & Game Prez Bags Mtn Lion
Mtn lion Murderers
More Verdugo Kitties
Blinky the cat
Cougar Movement in the Southern Cal area
Fossils in Death Valley
What is this plant ?
CM check this thread?
Cute, un-scary bobcats
Brutus the Bear
The Verdugo Cattery
San Gabriel River(not Angeles Forest) turtles
Lone Wolf now in CA!
Verdugo lion - the deadbeat dad
Baby Burbank Lions discovered under car
Meet Big Tom
Working it
Wild "creatures" of the San G's
Double Trouble
Mountain Lion Track?
Jaguars back in the USA?
Ringtail again
OK, who gave the foxes too much sugar?
A Burial for My Beloved Frog
Track id?
$5,000 reward for mountain lion poacher
Total zoo - SG animals out of control!
How do I keep coyotes out of my yard?
2011 Hunting Season
what poo is this?
Yeti research
African Golden Cat
Help me figure out WHOO this is
Hair on the bear, cougar on the prowl
Yellow Legged Frog "Oops"
Stinky bears
A Few Sheep
Big Horn Sheep sighting - Ski Lifts
When "You're Looking GOOD" Might Not Be a Complime
Kangaroo rat or mouse ID help?
Highest altitude for rattlesnakes?
Plants of the San Gabriel Mountains on the Web
Botany ID Guide
Of likely interest CM
Grizzly bear kills Yellowstone hiker
OMG kitten!!
and this would be a...?
is this a monarch?
Elk in my front yard
Documerica: EPA Flickr Archives
Chukars and Bambie
What is this
Firecracker Lillies
Eaton canyon ringtail
Verdugo Lion - daytime shot
Ringtail sighting on GRR
Leave the damn thing alone.
Is this Bear Scat?
Bed Bugs!
Verdugo lion is back
They grow up so fast! (bears)
BackPacking with a dog
Replanting maps
Wild Ponies
Decorah, IA Eagles Nest Cam
Lots of Poison oak... and a snake
Pinto Basin: Wildflowers & Burrows
Poor kitty
Bobcat overload
Critter track ID?
Flood on trailcam
Verdugo Bob
Bears in Winter....?
Summit Register Surprise
Imaginary pumas
It's time to count sheep again!
Bobcat and wabbit
CM-Mountain Lion Tracks?
Reindeer really DO know how to fly
Thanksgiving kitty cat
Mtn Lion Sighting!
Cat vs Cat + bird + bird Fight
Lords of Nature: Life in a Land of Great Predators
Go on and scratch me!
A very dear deer
Everything but Goldilocks
Acorn Woodpecker Community
Santa Cruz Island Scrub Jays Being Vaccinated vs West Nile
Pine Nuts
What tree (bush?) is this?
LA Times Article on CA Condors
Bighorn Sheep on trailcam, Summer 2010
mountain lions don't cooperate
As snake season may be coming to an end...
I Thought I Saw a Puddycat!
Bears and foxeses
Cougar trax on Mulholland
Young Osprey@The Bridge over the L.A. River on Los Feliz
Sighting of Sierra Nevada Red Fox Reported
Dog days of summer
Do you hear what I'm smelling?
Name that plant!
Hungover Owls
Captive bred yellow legged frogs released
Pole Dancer
Baldy Area Sheep
Jarhead: A Bear story with a Happy Ending
All about cougars
Kitty trois...
She's Back!
Bear defies endangered species protection!
CougarMagic, you have some work to do
True confessions time
Mt Baldy: Ski Hut Trail: Rattle Snake Encounter 7/19/2010
The Ciiirrrrcle of Liiiiiiiffffeeeee.....
Hiking in Kauai, some mountain goats, wild pig and a cactus
Yodel Dog
Beetles in the San Gabriels
Sheep Again
Interesting plant?
Mountain Lion presentation July 10
Dolphin Surfing
Those lovely-smelling yellow flowers along the highway
Mountain Lions Trek South
New lion kittens in the Santa Monicas (via Modern Hiker)
Snow plants on Ski hut trail
Eaton canyon critters!
New Addition to Adams' Pack Station
Fire video
Be careful of what cologne you wear in the great outdoors...
Bighornsheep sighting on Mt. Baldy Bowl 6/05/2010
Are locusts next? What does this portend??
more bears
Animal Tracks?
Watch your step!
Western Wallflower?
Wide-Load deer
Cougar sighting in Haines Canyon
Bright orange hairy brush parasite
Babes of spring!!
Article & photos of bobcat kittens in Calabasas
Video of mtn lion kittens at a CA sanctuary
Horned Lizard / Big Dump
Cougar article
Spring has sprung, the critters are out again.
"Urban Carnivores" book (local)
Just Another Roadside Attraction
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