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North Fork of Big Pine Creek, Advice Needed

For those that have been in the area, I have some questions. Here is a link to the route I've mapped out:

1. Whats a good spot to watch sunrise from? We plan to start early Saturday.

2. The route I have planned out has a short (1/2 mile) cross country section between Summit and Black Lake. Have any of you done this? Cross country is fine, but Im not interested in bushwhacking with this group.

3. Is there an alternative route youd recommend? What are your favorite spots to visit in this immediate area?

4. I have estimated that the 13 mile loop I mapped out would take us
less than 8 hours. Does this seem reasonable? The last hike this group did was 9 miles RT with 2600 feet of elevation gain and we finished in less than 4 hours.

I don't have an answer as I've never been to that part of the Sierras. But you could try posting on the High Sierra Topix forum.

I've been up there a couple times.  

1. A good spot to watch sunrise would be the east end of Second Lake.  I recall a few large rock features to sit on and enjoy the view.

2. I haven't done the trail between Black and Fourth lakes but my general impression of the area from First to Third Lakes is that it is not very dense.  West of Third Lake you see some willows but I don't recall them being very thick (not like Willow Lake on the South Fork).

3. In that area I'm always heading to Sam Mack Meadow to get to Mt. Sill so I'm not much help.

4. I would estimate a little longer but I am usually carrying an overnight pack with gear.

Hope I helped a little. Forum Index -> General Discussion
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