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Uncle Rico

No Thrill on Thrall

A couple of friends and I went up the High Desert Trail last Sunday starting at Devil's Punchbowl with the intent of going all the way to Will Thrall. We stopped just short of the Burkhart Saddle because of a patch of snow/ice that we didn't want to attempt. Cucamonga Man and Henry crossed this same patch without problem on their recent descent from Will Thrall, but they're both more studly than me. I believe where we stopped is the same spot that Elwood turned back years ago when he encountered a lot more snow than we did.

TR with some pics here:

that area has been on my list for a while but i've just never gotten to it. this is inspiring me to get up there soon, thanks.

Will Thrall and Pallett are very nice long walks from Buckhorn and back. Nice TR!

Good one, Rico. Looks like a fun day, even though you got stalled before Thrall. Forum Index -> San Gabriels
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