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Newberry Cave

Has anyone hiked to Newberry Cave?  I spent a half day this past weekend up in the Newberry Mountains looking for it, but didn't find it.  I'm going back this weekend with additional pictures of the site, so I think I can find it this time.  The cave walls are covered with some ancient Native American pictographs, which are much more rare than the petroglyphs that can also be found in the general area.

If I can find the cave in the morning, I'm planning on trying to find one of the petroglyph sites.  One is in the Rodman Mountains adjacent to the Newberry Mountains, and the other is in Black Canyon, just northwest of Barstow.  I have a pretty good idea about the location of these sites, so the only potential issue is the lack of a 4wd vehicle on the dirt roads approaching the sites.  Is anyone familiar with the conditions of these dirt roads?

For Black Canyon, I know of Inscription Canyon - very well known site.
I was out there two years ago.;spn=0.196665,0.307961&z=12

That link is the main site, there's some more not so far away right along the road.
The roads to it from the south and west don't require 4x4 most of the time - just decent clearance.  Any SUV or pickup should make it.

I forget the exact road, but Copper City is one of them.  Your basic desert dirt roads get you there.

Here's another link I just found.

Good luck in your quest.

Thanks for the heads up.  I'll give it a try in my Honda Fit.  It has poor clearance, but I think I should be OK as long as there aren't any large sand pits.  I made it, barely, to the trailhead for the Holy Jim Trail for Santiago Peak, and that road was rough.  If Black Canyon Rd is well graded, it shouldn't be a problem.

Yeah, I'm aware of Inscription Canyon.  There are petroglyphs all over Black Canyon though, so I'll check those out first, and if I have time, continue on to Inscription Canyon.

Did you find Newberry Cave?

Hi Winston, just wondering if you found Newberry Cave.  If so, can you give me some tips on how you found it?   Thanks.

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