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new guy intro

Hi folks, I've been lurking here for several years, always interested in the various personalities and extraordinary trip reports. Although I've never knowingly met any of you, I feel like I know a little about some members here. I remember feeling like I got puched in the gut when taco had his harrowing adventure down Fish Fork, then super happy to read he made it out OK.

I'm amazed at the pure studliness of some of the regulars as far as endurance. You guys do stuff that I can never come close to. That guy who summited San G like 2 or 3 times in a day. WOW! I'm also really impressed with the diversity here. Lots of ladies representing and putting up some remarkable mileage. Very cool.

I've been hiking seriously for about 8 years, have summited a few peaks in our area, but really like to take it relatively easy (10 miles/day max). My experiences don't come close to the adventures most of you go for so I don't expect to contribute much in the way of trip reports, but I figured an intro is a good first post. I usually hike alone as no one I know is really into sweating that much. I live in Lytle Creek so I'm close to a few trails that are always fun, but my 2 year old makes sure I don't get out as much as I'd like. I'm pretty proud to say that he was in a baby carrier at 6months and has done a lot of miles back there while I showed him around our canyon. I've fished with him back there and have had some of the most memorable fishing moments with him on my back.

As always I'll be here enjoying what yall put up, I appreciate the effort of everyone who runs the show and shares their adventures.

see you around maybe


Howdy Mike, welcome aboard! Forum Index -> The Pub
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