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New Board Styles Available

I have added some new board styles. A board style is the template design with which the forum's content is presented. Members are no longer compelled to view the default style which we've had for years. You may now choose from three other options, or keep the default one.

If your personal style in your profile was not set to the default, then you might already be experiencing a new style, since I have now activated all four of them.

To change your personal board style, go to your Profile by following the link in the header area. Under Preferences, find Board Style. The drop-down box contains four options. #1 is the original blue and white style. The others are different. Check them out and let me know what you think. Don't forget to hit the Submit button at the bottom of the Profile form once you've selected a different style.

#4 is extra unique in that I removed certain features of the main page that I thought were not essential and mostly served as clutter. If you miss them, let me know. Otherwise, I might start removing them from the other styles too.

Diehard #1 user. But don't care either way.

I'm with HikeUp, happy with #1.
Choice is good, to each his/her own, hike your own hike, etc etc. Forum Index -> Admin & Tech Support
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