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National Monument Management Plan webinar

Anyone want to blow an hour and a half of life watching this and report back?

Re: National Monument Management Plan webinar

More bureaucracy....

To recap:
Forest Service writes mgmt plan
Receives comments
Forest Service writes amended mgmt plan(comments ignored)
Receives the same land-grabber comments and some others

I havent read anything about anyone actually understanding what the current plan means....too vague for any insider.

Basically, the land-grabbers have laid out their plan in some detail, and are waiting for a FS document that is a the only thing to report so far is it isnt right yet...not even close.

Whats clear is that the plan will be useless for anyone outside of the insiders. We know whats happening because the FS(et al) are moving at a faster pace outside of the ANF. So for example, we saw the Los Padres declare the Adventure pass invalid and privatize most of pass sites.
And we've seen the places that lost funding due to the money being transferred to places like the ANF end up being calamities.

The tourist agenda is definitely full speed...check out
"The U.S. Forest Service is scheming a historic shift from a century of strict regulation focused on controlling and limiting access toward a new mission that encourages more Americans to more safely explore public lands.The agency’s top recreation officials Wednesday gathered at the REI flagship store in Denver with dozens of outfitters, guides and outdoor-industry leaders to discuss the transformation of the 111-year-old agency.
The Forest Service last year began exploring how it could draw more newcomers to public lands. The agency found it would need a cultural shift, transitioning toward using Forest Service staff and upgraded technology to enhance the visitor experience and enable more use...."

I suppose the ANF is well into compliance with the land-grabbers....that fast HSR approval had to get surprised smiles from the REI collective. Forum Index -> General Discussion
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