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Uncle Rico

Mystery of the Puffy White Ball Thingies

Anybody know what this is? I saw it growing along the Mt. Lowe East Trail today. Kinda unique and cool.


I don't know, but I've seen them and think they're cool too.  Something out of a Dr. Seuss story!

They remind me of the Western Anemone post-flower seed pods that I saw up in Banff, Canada two summers ago.  And it appears that there are some to be found in California:

That first photo looks really cool!
Uncle Rico

jfr- thanks for the info on the Western Anemone. Although there are some similarities, the things I saw were growing on a woody shrub/tree roughly the size of a fair sized manzanita (see, second pic). They were growing on a south facing slope at approximately 5,000 ft. elevation. Looks like the Western Anemone is lower to the ground and more herbaceous, no?
Uncle Rico

So I think this stuff is Virgin's Bower. What do you think?

tchester says it grows in the San Gabes.

Calflora entry here:

Yep, now that you mention it, that second picture pretty much rules out the anemone.  The anemones were all green and non-woody, just another low flowering plant growing in a grassy meadow.

Now if only you could remember which plant this was next year during the spring and summer, and the ID might be easier.

I've been wracking my pea brain on this... I did identify it once apon a time

We get these flowers (virgins Bower) all over the santa ana mountains usually in the 3-5k ft range.

Clematis lasiantha

Without a specimen in hand I would lean much more toward this variety.

chaparral clematis, pipestem, pipestem clematis

Uncle Rico

Yeah, looking at the "communities" in which it primarily grows and scrolling through some of the pics on Calflora, I think you're probably right matt. Input much appreciated. Forum Index -> Flora & Fauna & Fungi
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