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My First MYOG Backpack!

For the past few months, I've been entertaining the idea of making my own backpack for weekend trips, etc.  Well, this past weekend I figured why not?

Gathered some spare 1.9 Ripstop and Cordura and started...10 hours or so later, I completed my first backpack.

Weighs in at exactly 9 oz. and comfortably carries under 15 lbs (recently tested around the block).  The bag still needs a hip belt and sternum straps but since this pack is not designed to carry anything more than 15 lbs, I might just leave it the way it is.

More on my blog Smile -

Right on dude, that's rad!

Nice, bro.

What's that thing sticking out of the top?


Its my Golite Chrome Dome Smile

That's really cool. How much did the materials cost?

$30 in materials...not much

If you guys are interested in plans, measurements, etc. just let me know.  I have pretty much sketched this up in paper.  

All fabrics were purchase at Michael Levine - fabric store in DTLA.  

Fabric used: Cordura Nylon and 1.9 Ripstop

Hardware and materials, Nylon webbing, bungees, cord locks, EVA foam for pads.

I"m not quite as gifted with my hands as you are, but thanks for the offer.

Sitting Bull

That is awesome!  Good for you!

Thanks! I actually made a second version of this pack, same volume but with hip belts.  So far so good...

Weighs 11oz. and holds 13 lbs comfortably.  Still needs some tweaks but I think it's getting closer to the way I want it.
Sitting Bull

Brilliant!  DIY is where it's at.

Very cool and good on you for making it yourself. You do realize you will never be done modifying it now. Enjoy it!

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