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My car was stolen, please keep an eye out!

my car was stolen tonight. Call the cops, or take it back by force if you feel like it, i dont give a fuck. its a 1993 Honda Prelude si. Milano Red, lowered, apex N1 cat-back, Dc sport header, AEM v2 cai, clear turn signals up front. thanx  lic # ARV 3296   stickers= CVRACING, I love my honda, and eibach, on rear side window

*Edit-stolen from Tacos house in west covina on friday bout 3pm


Thank you sweetie, I was just about to post this.

Please, if you see the car or whatever, call me at six two six - eight nine three - eight three two one. I really appreciate it.
Mike P

Yuck, sorry to hear this...

Stolen from here in CA?

Yeah, from West Covina round 3pm  Sad

Mother.  FUCKERS.

California or Arizona license plates?

Would you know the VIN #, or any portion of it?  Plates can be swapped out fast, so easier to quickly check the VIN# on the dash if I see a cool lookin' bright red Prelude  Wink in an OC parking lot.

vin # JHMBB2257PC012063

also though, those clear turn signals ar not stock, neither is the huge APEXI N1 exhaust/muffler and NO ONE has those wheels painted like mine, you see red trim on wheels and a big ass illegal exhaust, its mine


(disregard this plate, thats her old one, the new is Arizona, ARV 3296

and custom painted wheels, if they left these on its a total giveaway, my buddy Kyle painted these for me, and they arnt the stock wheel for an si

also the rear windows are tinted  and in the middle of her rear bumper, theres a spot of paint missing about the size of a 50 cent piece and her hood has a lil ding in it right in the middle on the very edge of the hood, its dented down a tiny bit, and theres a tiny dime sized door ding on the drivers door, and a  tiny chip/crack bout a half inch long in the front windshield on the drivers side. umm, jeez, thats all i can recall right now. i think thats all her distinctive marks though , oh, and the tinting has a couple tiny wrinkles on the rear winow on the drivers side bottom edge.

That sucks!!  I hope you get good news soon.

Thanks for being on the lookout, guys.

Nice Lude ! Man those fuckin a holes !! Hope they find it in one piece.
Eyes are peeled

Stolen car

I am really sorry that your car was stolen. I know that is a major bummer. Of course, everyone on the board is looking.
norma r

So sorry, Torrey   Sad

Found my car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and its mostly ok!!!! Very Happy Forum Index -> The Pub
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