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Mt. Baldy Road Closures and Trailhead Access

Does anyone have any firsthand observations or reliable info for the roads in the Mt. Baldy area following the flooding of Sunday 2014-08-04?

Is the Mt. Baldy Road open up to Icehouse?  To Manker?  To the Mt. Baldy Lifts?

From what I've heard in the media, it sounds like the Bear Canyon area was hardest hit.  Is the Bear Canyon trailhead (Baldy the "Hard Way") accessible on foot if one parks in the Village?

The Baldy Ski Lifts Mountain Report suggests that damage to the road was minor and that all will be fine by the weekend.  But the LA County Public Works page lists a closure that includes even the lower reaches of the Mt. Baldy Road. (Though this closure was for a "Flash Flood Warning", which suggests perhaps it was posted and never lifted even though that danger has passed.)

Bear canyon and Baldy Roads

Everything is accessible.  You might find parking difficult in the Village.  There are clean up crews parked there and cars have been brought down from Bear Canyon houses.  The parking lot just north of the Village across from the Trout Farms is closed, but you can park along the road.

If you know the route up to Bear Flat, there should not be a problem.  The old wooden bridge across to the trail is gone, but that is not a real impediment.  

Ice House Canyon, Manker Flats, and the Ski Area are open and the road is fine.  I saw no damage to the Ski Area.

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