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Mt. Baldy Area - TRs from 2015 to Present

Mount San Antonio (Old Baldy)

Baldy Overnight by JeffH

Good Canyon - Round 3 by David R

Gold Ridge Highpoint and Baldy Notch by Sean

Baldy April 17 by JeffH

Summit4Sam Baldy Hike - April 15 by Sean

Good Canyon to 9k on Ski Hut Trail by Ellen

Bear to Baldy by Ellen

San Tony Classic by Jonah Olson

Baldy Bowl, Telegraph Peak's NW Face, and Kimchi Ridge by Taco

Looking for N324RS in all the wrong places by dima

Harwood via Register Ridge by psykokid

New look on Baldy by JeffH

Goode Canyon-West Chute to Baldy by David R

Baldy holiday by JeffH

Peak 7625 (Avalanche View) by Sean

A Cold, Icy Baldy via Old Baldy Trail by mattytreks

Register Ridge Snow Hike (Jan. 9, 2016) by HikingGeek

Solo San Antonio Ridge Traverse by _kick_rocks_

Mt. Baldy, rescues and more rescues (Jan. 6, 2016) by Tim

Dawson Pk, Pine Mt and Mt Baldy via North Backbone by HikingGeek

Psychout Ridge by Sean

Yet Another North Backbone Report by tekewin

North Devil's Backbone Almost Fish Fork Loop by Elwood

San Antonio Ridge - Gold Dollar Mine by scottawr

Ski Hut via Baldy Bowl Trail by Illusive

Baldy via Backbone by JeffH

May Snow Day On Baldy by Uncle Rico

West Baldy and Hikin' Jim's Peak List by Uncle Rico

San Antonio Ski Hut Hike (Feb. 28, 2015) by HikingGeek

West Baldy West Face by Taco

Thunder Mtn by JeffH

Register Ridge (Jan. 2, 2015) by Ellen

Ice House Canyon/Cucamonga Wilderness

Cucamonga Peak on 4th of July by girlhiker70

Falling Rock Cyn/Sugarloaf Ridge by sneebs

Falling Rock Canyon to Ontario and Bighorn by Ellen

Telegraph in the snow by dima

Snow Day! by JeffH

Falling Rock Canyon to Sugarloaf by Uncle Rico

Telegraph Peak photosphere by tekewin

Icehouse Canyon to Bighorn Peak (Jan. 16, 2016) by HikingGeek

Timber Mtn by JeffH

Icehouse New Year (2016) by JeffH

Etiwanda Peak by Uncle Rico

Sheep Canyon Headwall (Painslut) by Taco

Kimchi Ridge to Ontario Summit by Taco

Soba Ridge to Sheep Canyon to Fir Draw by Sean

Kimchi Ridge to Sheep Flat by Sean

Cedar Glen overnight by JeffH

Falling Rock Cyn, Ontario Pk, Bighorn Pk, Cucamonga Pk, and Sheep Flat by hbandrew

Ontario plus Bighorn by JeffH

Baldy Village/Lower San Antonio Canyon

Colver Peak (5511') by girlhiker70

Frankish archaeology by dima

White Christmas by JeffH

Rearguard Mountain (Peak 6930) via Bear Flat by Sean

Turtle's Beak (or should it be "Masochism Point"?) by dima

Cascade Cyn to Turtle's Beak to Ontario Pk by Sean

Lower San Antonio Watershed Loop by Sean

Kerkhoff Canyon by Sean

Stoddard by JeffH

Turtle's Beak via Cascade Canyon by Sean

Upper Cascade Canyon by Sean

Sunset Peak for New Year (2015) by JeffH

Thanks for compliling this there are some great trips in the list. Good reading material for the bathroom at work.
Uncle Rico

Nice work Sean. Very useful.  Cool Forum Index -> San Gabriels
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