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Mt. Baldy Area Trail Conditions

I went hiking in the area yesterday-- everything is open but some of the trails are in poor shape since the flood.  

Manker Flats to Mt. Baldy -- the trail is in great shape up to Baldy Bowl.  The switchbacks to the ridge from the ski hut have been washed out, but it is easy to find your way up through the erosion channels.  They mostly follow the old switchbacks.  The same is true on the steeper part of the ridge.  If you know where you want to end up this is easy.  The rest of the hike is basically unchanged.

Mt. Baldy to Baldy Notch.  The trail is in good shape with a few minor debris deposits.

Baldy Notch to Thunder and Telegraph Mountains.  The trails are in good shape with minor nuisance washouts.

Telegraph Mountain to Timber Mountain Saddle.  The trail down to the saddle is washed out.  You can navigate it with a little trail finding but count on it slowing you down significantly.  No sketchy parts, just messy loose rock and mud.

Timber Mountain Saddle to Timber Mountain to Icehouse Saddle:  The trail is in good condition.

Icehouse Saddle to Icehouse Saddle Parking Lot.  Much of the trail is in good condition with some minor washouts.  The section of the trail that was close to the creek is completely washed out.  This is a boulder hop area now between mile 1.5 and mile 2.

Other Reports from hikers I met at Baldy Summit:  Bear Flat Trail.  It is like the Ski Hut Trail with the switchbacks above Bear Flat taking the worst beating.  Register Ridge Trail.  A similar report.

Thank you!

Thank you for the trail report.  Very useful info.  We are hiking Manker Flat to Baldy Summit to Ski Lifts tomorrow and have been wondering about conditions.

Baldy trails

We did the hike today.  As JerryN noted, the trails are now eroded gullies. It is difficult to tell the original trail apart from the numerous use trails and switchback cuts. The footing is difficult because the gullies are full of loose dirt and small rocks. The damage starts just past the Baldy Bowl and continues to the final push up the summit pyramid. The last section is not too bad because it is not as steep. From the summit to Mt. Harwood is also badly eroded with more loose dirt and small rocks.

Thanks for the reports. I had heard Icehouse Canyon took a beating but I have not been up there myself since before the storms. I'll post a report later this week as I wanted to head up to Cucamonga Peak.

Howdy Bobcat  Smile

Went up Falling Rock Canyon to Ontario and Big Horn peaks and came down Icehouse yesterday. Icehouse took an even bigger beating than the last time it flooded in March. The lower and upper sections are fine -- in the middle it's hard to distinguish between the stream bed and trail.

Miles of smiles,

Icehouse Canyon

Thank you for the report, Ellen!  We noticed earlier this year in Icehouse Canyon that the trail looked re-arranged in the mid-section.  I did not know that there were floods in March, but that explains the changes.  That section was also beat up by a big avalanche several years ago.  It looks like the San Gabriel Trail Builders have their work cut out. Forum Index -> News & Conditions
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