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Mt wilson towercam as desktop image! (Live!)

I finally figured out how to set a webcam image (in this case the towercam) to be my desktop image, and have it refresh throughout the day.  I created an automator script that gets the image, sets it as the desktop image, pauses for 5 minutes, then loops and does it again.

Now at work (in a windowless room), I can see the passage of daylight over the San Gabriels.  This makes me a happy worker!

SO, this will only work on a Mac though - have no idea how you'd do it on a PC.  Anyone who wants to try it can PM me, and I'll email you the Automator script.


Damn commie Macs.
Mike P

Ahhh, CM! You tease me then pull the rug out!

+1 on what Taco said.

It used to be you could set up your Windows desktop in html - would be easy in 98. I don't think you can do that anymore.

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