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Mt Wilson to Victory Park via hang glider

Hi All,

Just curious - In my early 40s here and recall family trips up to Wilson to hike. I recall people jumping off from the parking lot. They landed at Victory Park Pasadena (I think).

Anyone else remember that? I wonder why they stopped? Safety? hahahaha!

Happy Trails!

Hey Shreddy, Here's an old article about it:

They ran out of spots to land thanks to the real estate biz and cities worried about potential lawsuits.

Jumping off from Mt Wilson must have been quite a rush! Come to think of it, I can't think of the last time I saw a hang glider anywhere in southern california.

Funny that earlier generations had similar pursuits related to the mountains, like Mr. Lowe and his planned balloon trips to the top of Echo Mountain.

I guess the gliders are still buzzing Baden Powell though.

Most weekends, there are groups of hang gliders jumping from South Main Divide Road over Lake Elsinore in the Santa Anas.

Tom Kenney

Kagel Mountain (adj to Pacoima Reservoir) is still active.  I ride bike on Santa Clara Divide and Mendenhall Ridge and see them often.

Wilson would've been a scary jump!  :O

Thanks Walker. Crazy stuff.

I saw one land a couple of years ago in Victory Park although I don't think the city condones the practice.  I think you basically have to flout the law to do it nowadays.

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