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Mt St Helens

Climbed Mt St Helens with my daughter and friends yesterday.  We did not know that there is a tradition of climbing in dresses on Mother's Day weekend so we were treated to hikers in outrageous attire.

The Monitor Ridge route was closed because of snow on the route up to Climber's Bivouac so we had to take the winter route from Marble Mountain Sno Park.  The route is 5.5 mi and 5,500' of elevation gain.  Of course the first 3 miles yields 800' of elevation gain.

The weather was perfect.  Snow a little soft, particularly in the afternoon.  Began the hike at 5:15 and reached the summit at 11:15 to be greeted by festive hikers playing folk music.  View nothing short of spectacular.  Glassade about 1/2 way down.

Slogging up the snow field.  MSH is not glaciated so it is just steep snow travel

From the summit looking across the crater at Mt. Ranier.  The rim is corniced so you cannot get too close to the edge.

From the summit looking east at Mt. Adams


Woohoo! Nice.
Uncle Rico

Now that's a Trip Report. Very cool Jerry.  Cool

Awesome! The best views I've seen anywhere were from St. Helens. The other cascade volcanoes look so impressive.

The Mother's Day dress tradition is just weird. Thanks for the photos. Forum Index -> Out-of-state
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