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Mt Diablo 4 Peaks TR

TR Here
Mike P

Joe- Great trip report! Thanks for the field trip.

Nice TR.  Reminds me just how beautiful the oak woodlands around the Bay Area are.  A 5400' gain hike in the Diablo area is pretty impressive.

So, nice video of the gf coming up the trail.  Mind if I use it on my wife to show her that women do in fact hike and that it is not an abberation born of the XY chromosone matching?  Smile  But could you cut of that last bit where the gf lets out a heavy sigh?   Don't want my wife to be thinking hiking is work or something.  Wink

By the way the end of your TR says:  "Code corrupted. Insert fresh copy."

Dunno if that's important, but there you have it.

lol, use the video!

Nice TR!
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