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Mt Baldy Shutdown Report

The Visitor's Center was gated shut this morning. The Manker Flat campground was gated shut and empty. The usual mob of cars was at Icehouse Canyon and Manker Flat. So, facilities are closed, but trails are open. The ski lifts and restaurant were open and in full swing although the lift did not start operating until 8:30 due to wind which was fierce. The weather station in the restaurant showed steady 25 to 30mph winds with gusts to 40. We hiked up the road and on to Telegraph. The Thunder-Telegraph saddle was a wind tunnel - maybe 50mph. On the way out, the Visitor's Center was open with cars parked inside. There was a banner "Wine In The Woods" out front. A San Bernardino sheriff's SUV was parked at the gate. The sheriff was having his wine tasting no matter what. Out of the corner of my eye, I glimpsed the Glendora Mountain Rd. gate which I think was closed. Of course, this could be extreme fire danger rather than govt. shutdown.

Wow, Glendora Mtn Road gate closed? It would be great if someone could confirm that one since it's one of my usual haunts.

And yeah, I've run into 50 mph gusts twice this week at much lower elevations. There's some serious wind going on lately.

And the government can't stop wine tasting Smile

From what I heard, GMR was closed until Sunday (yesterday). Reason stated was fire danger.

Reopened 10/7/2013

Location Reason for closure Closed Date Re-opened Date
Angeles National Forest: Glendora Ridge Road, Glendora Mountain Road to Mount Baldy Road High Winds In Mountain Areas 10/03/13 10/07/13

GMR closed

i hit GMR alot as well, but just to access the trail at the first road bend. I'll be there by wednesday, I'll confirm it's back open. Thanks for heads up everyone.

Los Angeles DPW note from this morning says that GMR and Glendora Ridge Road are both opened as of today.

Good info all, let's keep it up!

 I'm getting dropped at Vincent Gulch trailhead off the 2 tomorrow afternoon. IF I can snag a signal, will update that area. Rainy daz and rainy nites ahead.
As always, coffees on, stop by if in da area!

Happy Trails........

GMR open

just to confirm what everyone else said already, i went up GMR last night, no issues. Encountered a really cool looking mountain warrior in full camo and bow hunting up on the truck trail. Dude if you're out there, cool white merlin beard!!

Any estimates flying around about how long this shutdown might last? I was on the move with my family this past weekend and got blocked out and run out of 3 campgrounds coming up Hwys 67, 68, 69 from Julian Warner Springs areas.

Hoping to stay near horse flats this weekend. I think the gates will likely be closed but I wonder if patrol officers will bother me if i sleep along the road somewhere? only one way to find out i guess! Forum Index -> News & Conditions
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