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MSR Windboiler Wind Testing

With their new Windboiler, MSR has definitely done a great job on the "human factors" (better handle, better lid, a cup that's actually useful, more slots so the pot attaches more easily, etc.), but if the Windboiler isn't significantly better than a Jetboil at handling wind, then it's really just a prettied up Jetboil.  

So, how well does a Windboiler handle wind?  I decided to find out.  

I did several head to head tests with a Jetboil Sol in light to moderate winds.  I could see that the Windboiler remained fairly constant while the Jetboil would lose ground (boil time would lengthen) as the winds increased, but I didn't really have the sense that I fully understood the capabilities of the Windboiler.   Time to put it to a real test I thought.

So I headed to the windiest spot I could think of in Southern California the San Gorgonio Pass area near Banning, CA, home to many a wind turbine.

I picked a spot for testing at the mouth of a canyon where I thought winds would come whistling through.   I was not disappointed.  

I have put up two videos on my blog that I think show the difference in the way a Jetboil behaves vs. a Windboiler in significant winds.  Have a look if you like.

MSR Windboiler Wind Testing

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