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Mountain lion on Altadena Crest Trail

Tuesday, 5 May, about 6:15 AM I spotted a mountain lion on the ACT not far from Eaton Canyon - less than half mile from the bridge.  Near what I have always assumed is a covered water reservoir just off Pinecrest.

This was a surprise because it is maybe 50 yds from a row of houses. There was a small murder flying about and hanging out on nearby powerlines, which made me wonder if there was a kill.  

Must admit I rerouted my next day run around that spot so I haven't been back to check.  I also did not get pictures, gender determination, or anything else interesting other than my usual 'blagh that's not a coyote' reaction.

Thanks for the report.  Not surprised by the time of day, presence of ravens, etc - all suggest a deer kill nearby.  You were in no danger, nor is anyone else.  

Makes me envious - I still haven't seen one with my own eyes!

I'm still calibrating my fear response for mountain lions.  There are many people who tell me I'm crazy for going out on trails before dawn knowing they exist, and others who think the danger to humans is overstated.  My approach is to not modify my behavior except for trying to remain mindful and respectful.

I've been fortunate to see two mountain lions in the last 2 years (the other was up the Gabrielino trail about 1.5 miles from the JPL parking lot).  Ironically in that time I have seen 1 coyote (while actually on the trails, I see them weekly just cruising through parking lots and down streets), 1 skunk, 0 rattlesnakes etc, making mountain lion sightings more common than everything but deer, squirrels, lizards, and nonvenomous snakes.

I'm sure a lot more have seen me.

Lion dragging a deer through the streets of Sierra Madre a few nights ago:
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