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Mount Waterman seasonal waterfall 1/1/16

Based upon an earlier trip to pk 6649 of West Twin, and wanting an excuse to eat at Newcombs, I set out early morning on the three points trail to Waterman. Some downed trees, but only one part of the trail would throw off a newbie since its obscured by log debris and does a switchback that is also obscured. I left the main trail to follow the use trail up the west ridge to elevation 6900, where a landmark/navigational point rock formation is located. There are a couple more easier scramble to summits around as this rock formation is only for rock climbers to summit.

From there I lost elevation, past the trail and onto a particular main ridge on the west end of the area. Kind of unique, because unlike other scenic ridges, this has a lot of width(you dont stay put on the spine) and careful selection. People have been here before for sure....and it starts to end in a flat area where human travel stops, about 6000 elevation. Continuing on downhill it starts to get steep until I hit the patch of rock garden and I could see down into Devils canyon. Interesting rock garden, but alas I headed east to the creek, landing there about elevation 5700.

Bypassing a possible short drop canyon left, I got to the big view from the top of the waterfall. The view is from the drop sloping gently before plunging to the bottom and there being several channels for the water to go. Luckily, a downclimb on the left got me to the bottom. Shortly thereafter, I was thankfully stopped by a small 15ft drop. Thankfully since I was closing in on Devils canyon, and would be hiking out. I followed the creek back up to a big cascade at elevation 5900 and then launched back out west to get back to the trail.

I suppose the point of the story is that yes, Mount Waterman has at least one legit waterfall, even though its snow melt driven.

Rock formations on west ridge(the rock climber one is the left one)

1/2 view from the east...

pk 6649 across Devils canyon and the rock garden

side view of falls, but close to the top

from the bottom

canyon travel

aperture setting shows water flowing below solid ice on creek

probably going to find trash closer to the trail

view of ridge

Love those rock formations. Thanks for posting. Forum Index -> San Gabriels
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