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David R

Mount Hawkins and Copter Ridge this Sunday

Had to start from Islip Saddle that sucked.

Too many people camping at Little Jimmy felt like the 405 that sucked.

Temp on Copter Ridge was over 90 degrees that sucked.

This hike is upside down and if its hot which it was then it sucks.

My son leaned against a tree in the shade at the high point and got attacked by flesh eating ants that sucked..

The heat caused my feet to swell that sucked.

Otherwise it was a great time, I give this hike an 11/10, I'll be back.

Great TR. Even though it sucked. Too.
Uncle Rico

You missed the swarming bees mid-ridge. That would have made it even more suckier.

Its all part of the peak bagging this case bagging the same peak twice. The more grit and determination it takes, the better the satisfaction.

Oh, who am I fooling? Doesnt stop Newcombs from overflowing.
Sean many aspects of a hike have to suck before it's not a great hike anymore? Things that have really ruined it for me are biting flies or mosquitoes, stinging wasps or bees, and extreme heat or cold. Lightning sucks too. But as long as I don't get struck, I can still enjoy the rest of the hike. Forum Index -> San Gabriels
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