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Monument thread part 2

So the agenda is moving forward...

The schedule is for the monument plan to be wrapped up this year.
This is the submitted plan, part 1, that covers everything but transportation.
This plan does a much better job of revealing the agenda even though the fix was in from the get go.

So the San Gabriels will be split into 2. The monument will be run by the land-grabbers and their hand-picked 'administrators'. Maybe I should say first that Im not being objective here. Im sure there will be a good reason for having 2 supervisors, 2 deputy supervisors, etc.
As the document states, the forest service shall prioritize these 'third parties', and whatever money flows their way. That includes future master plans.

The next step is a change from national to local interest. The area is to be run for the interest of the land grabbers. The forest service will be constantly explaining to them how the FS is complying to their wishes. Signs will be in universal languages, but the rangers will speak the languages the local visitors speak.

The transportation plan will be submitted. Expect buses, shuttles, and then reduced parking along East Fork road....kinda like this. Free weekend shuttle service provided by the city of Duarte from the gold line station through May. Enjoy the graffitti, loud music blaring from portable speakers, people smoking weed, & " trash all over the place like sneakers, peoples clothes, & waterbottles"

ACT100 permit denied for PVR
"What is the Pleasant View Ridge Wilderness, and why isn't the Angeles Crest 100 Mile Endurance Run (AC100) allowed to use it this year?

The Pleasant View Ridge Wilderness was created in 2009 by the lobbying efforts of the Sierra Club. Federal guidelines prevent wilderness areas from being used for competitive events. AC100 had been maintaining and using the trails these long before the wilderness area was created and the USFS/ANF has allowed race organizers to use the wilderness area while they worked with local congressmen on getting a permanent exemption.

Unfortunately, once the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument (SGNM) was created in 2014, ANF became jointly managed by both the Forest Service and SGNM. Due to increased scrutiny by the joint management, the 2016 race is no longer allowed to use any trails within the wilderness area, while they worked with their local congressman. The result is, we are no longer able to use the trails that is North of Hwy 2 between Islip Saddle and Mt Hillyer, primarily: Mt. Williamson, Cooper Canyon and Sulfur Springs in the wilderness area..."
What is the policy on staging competitive events in wilderness?
Races, endurance runs, special events, and large organized hikes are prohibited in wilderness. The basis of this policy is that wilderness was established to provide "...outstanding opportunities for solitude or a primitive and unconfined type of recreation.." according to the Wilderness Act

Note: what route the race will take is unclear. The possible use of highway 2 was mentioned, but whether the highway will be closed was not mentioned. The race remains scheduled for Saturday, August 6. Forum Index -> News & Conditions
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