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Uncle Rico

Monte Cristo 4-Pack: Iron, Roundtop, Granite and Rabbit

Last weekend, teke and I finally got to the 4-peak loop we had both been eyeing for some time. I'm as late with this TR as I was meeting teke the morning of our hike.  Confused

teke, being more focused and together than me, was more prompt with his TR, but I haven't seen it here, so I'm taking the liberty of posting the link:

Sean and Cecelia recently did this route as you know in the opposite direction.

This is a fun day, but I could see it being pretty toasty in mid-summer.

Thanks for the fun hike, Rico. More than the individual peaks, I enjoyed the views from the middle of the range.

We also saw two signs for the "Wet Gold Slayer" mining claim. It was just filed last August. There are a lot of old mines in the area. Forum Index -> San Gabriels
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