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mid country report

I've been cross country hiking through the mid country of the San Gabriels for years and see random rock outcropings. This summer we targeted to climb some. We found great climbs on quality rock in beautiful places. I feel blessed to have places like this to go to so close to where I live. Here's some pics

This one was nice on a hot day. shaded balay spot and 3 routes 50'+ of  5.7 climbing

spectacular views across bear creek to hwy39 and beyond

burkhart trail is in good shape with water at the first crossing down from BH campground, no water at crossing to cooper canyon, some water at cooper falls and no water at the second crossing.

this crag offered the hardest climbing, two short routes 5.9+

this crag was an easy approach and due to the station fire was free of head high brush

scouting out different spots was my favorite part, like a box of chocolates

this was a fun crag with the three routes

for everyone we climbed we found two others, future projects! enjoy yours!


Cool, cool....looks like some MtAkawie rock tossed into that trip report.

You're in the section of the SG's that have decent granite. Very cool. Forum Index -> San Gabriels
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