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From Patrick and Meg Moran:

MISSING!!! PLEASE SHARE!!! On February 1, 2017, a dear friend had an accident while hiking in the Mt. Baldy area. His dog, Dakota, got scared and wouldn't go to him. He was airlifted, but Dakota had to be left behind. Six months ago, his son and Dakota's former owner, passed away. He absolutely adored his dog and it would mean a lot to his parents to have Dakota back.

Dakota is a female German Shepherd. PLEASE post here or on Facebook if you find her.

Dakota's owner got lost coming down the main trail and ended up in San Antonio Canyon, he attempted to do a work around of the upper falls and on the second or third fall(s) he slipped and fell enough to break his leg and puncture his lung, his dog (his son's actually who passed last year) is somewhere up between the falls. The dog Dakota is a german sheppard who's very friendly and the genteleman's wife will take calls should you find the dog - the wife is Connie (562) 743-5904. Pass the word let's see if we cannot get this dog home to his family
Huff and Puff

Finally.  A happy story.  DOG FOUND!


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