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looking for tent stakes

Im looking for any first hand info on either the MSR Ground Hog or the MSR Needle stake. Anyone use any of these and can give me advice? Thanks!

I have some of both (not MSR but those styles) The ground hog type work better in softer soil, the other seem to work better in rockier or harder areas. The needle type will bend if hammering them in with a rock. (at least the ones I have, not sure about the MSR) The ground hog type work OK in snow when the snow is consolidated. I would take the cord off the ground hog type, I use a trekking poll or the adze of my ice axe to free up any that are hard to pull out.

I've got the MSR Needle stakes.  They work pretty well in general although in loose soil, they'll pull out fairly easily.  Mostly, they're pretty good.


Thanks for the replies. I think I will try the ground hogs and see how they work for me. I hope to get out in a couple weeks and try them out.

Any more input would be great. Forum Index -> Gear & Fitness
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