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Local OC mountaineer summits Everest

Craig Barlow lives in the OC and made the summit of Mt. Everest on May 22, 2016 at 5:15 AM.  Shocked

You might have seen his name in some of the SoCal registers. He is on his way back to the states and promises a full trip report. His summit team consisted of 7 climbers and 11 sherpas.

2016 IMG Everest Summit Team 2

1 Christian Geb Muller Zou GERMANY
2 Darren Vincent Rogers USA
3 Alan Jacob Keller CANADA
4 Craig Alan Barlow USA <--------
5 Barton Lynn Williams USA
6 Marin Minamiya JAPAN
7 Enrico Cambini ITALY
8 Kanchha Nuru Sherpa NEPAL
9 Mingma Sona Sherpa NEPAL
10 Pasang Nima Sherpa NEPAL
11 Chhewang Lendu Sherpa NEPAL
12 Pasang Kami Sherpa NEPAL
13 Phu Tasi Sherpa NEPAL
14 Ang Pemba Sherpa NEPAL
15 Ila Nuru Sherpa NEPAL
16 Namgel Dorjee Tamang NEPAL
17 Pemba Tshering Sherpa NEPAL
18 Karma Gyalzen Sherpa NEPAL

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