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Last Wednesday, I hiked with my usual bunch of hiking crazies. This time the goal was to search for some pools and an old favorite fishing spot of Paul's, leader of the group.  
We started out early, and admired the beautiful long drive on the ACH and through the Buckhorn Campground to start our exploratory, off-trail hike at the Burkhart trailhead.

We hiked through the Pleasant View Ridge Wilderness admiring the serenity and the scenery of rock formations and huge trees.

We passed Cooper Falls and decided to save that for the return trip.
We continued about 1 3/4 miles on the main trail before descending Little Rock Creek Canyon.

It seemed as if we had hiked a lot more miles than we did as we continued following the stream in search of Paul's special fishing hole. The stream was flowing with plenty of water, and sometimes the water was knee-high.

We passed a few cascades and pools along this beautiful creek.

We made several stream crossings due to some deadfall and impassable areas beside the creek.

We took a break at one of the smaller pools for a refreshing dip and a quick water fight.

As we continued along the creek, the deadfall and patches of poison oak were a little bit annoying.

Finally we found Paul's favorite fishing hole and jumped in this deep pool, of course with a continuation of the water fights, which were very refreshing.

After the victory of the Women vs. Men, we headed back to make a last-minute stop at Cooper Canyon Falls. Still plenty of water flowing there.

Overall, this was a very beautiful hike with plenty of water. As we walked through some of the deeper pools the water was chest high.
We decided not to go further because of time constraints.

Stats: 11 miles.

Thanks for the great report. I always wondered what it was like downstream in Little Rock Creek. Now I know: it's a friggin' battleground! I'll be sure to carry a water bazooka if ever I go in there. Forum Index -> San Gabriels
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