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Leki Khumbu trekking pole failures

Early in the summer, I bought a pair of Leki Khumbu trekking poles to replace the generic ones I had.  On the first two hikes I used them, the locking mechanisms (there are two) that are used to adjust the height failed on steep descents.  They would just collapse as if unlocked.  I am not on the heavy end of the scale at 160 lbs.

The lowest lock was the worst, but the middle one failed as well under duress.  Maybe I just got lemons, but I trashed them and bought some new generic poles.

Aren't the Leki guaranteed forever?

From their web site:

Trekking Pole warranty:
There is a one year warranty on LEKI Carbon Shaft Trekking poles and a lifetime warranty on LEKI Aluminum Shaft Trekking poles.

The warranty covers shaft breakage only.

Teke -
   I just came across this post. For what its worth, I'd only recommend poles like Black Diamonds that use a flick lock. It's much more dependable than those damned twist locks that operate on a plastic threaded mechanism. Sorry your Leki's took a dump on you.

Hey Matt,

Thanks for the concern.  I picked up some cheap Ross poles at Sports Chalet and they have been working fine. Forum Index -> Gear & Fitness
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