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David Stillman

King snake on snake predation.

To view a rarely seen kill, visit:][/url][/list]

Off topic - I noticed your post on Cat Haven.  Great write up and photos.  I haven't been there, but have heard it's a good place.

Kinda cool although the link in your orginal post somehow got messed up.  Working link:

Interesting that the King would attack something that it could not eat.

David Stillman


Hey Jim, I am an all Mac person and am trying to figure out how to insert a simple working link for anything I might want to share. I keep getting some [url] thing which screws up the link. Help.

And to CougarMagic, you need to see Cat Haven. It is way worth it, but go in the AM on a weekday.


For just a simple link, just put in the text of the link.  Most browsers will interpret it as a link.  For example:
(please excuse the shameless plug of this cute video of my daughter)

If you want the link to show as text, then use the URL tags.  For example, cute video of my daughter.

Note how I've inserted an "=" sign inside the URL tag.
[url=]cute video of my daughter[/url]


Ladies and Gentlemen, Hikin' Jim. *bows* Smile

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