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K2 climber doubted

It's OK buddy - NHPS will take you in, and even waive the initiation fee (which is....steep...haha...)

Re: K2 climber doubted

cougarmagic wrote:
...even waive the initiation fee (which is....steep...haha...)
And of course we have a sliding scale...


And a theme song:

'Hey mister talus man'...

Sounds like a big stink over nothing.

"For his part, Stangl believes that he has closed the book on the subject, saying that he climbs only for himself, doesn't need to be on any lists, and that he alone knows the truth of his climb."

That's what matters.

I climb for myself (this is not to be misconstrued as not caring for other's safety, merely that I climb for my own spiritual reasons), not for anyone else. It appears to be the same for him. Let others be bothered over whether or not a person has stood on an essentially meaningless peace of ground. It's their time that they're waisting over being bothered.

TacoDelRio wrote:
It's their time that they're waisting over being bothered.

Yes, the snow up to Camp 4 WAS waist deep.     Laughing

"Because in this country, it don't add inches to your dick, you get a life sentence for it."

Frank Costello
-The Departed

Oh, you were there too?  Come to think of it, I think I saw both of you guys around Camp 4.  Wink


Let there be no further doubt.  Stangl confessed.  Blamed it on a altitude/exhaustion related delirium that made him believe he was on the summit.

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