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Just ranting.

Why the heck is the section on ACH still closed? Is Uncle Sam outta dat cash?

Also why the heck should Horse Flats be closed until April 1?

And why the heck are large sections of the forest still closed from the Station Fire?

Bitch, complain, gripe, yarrrr.

Edit: ALSO, what gives with everyone driving very slowly yet using up both lanes, passing bicycles poorly and on blind corners (that almost sucked for him), and not using turnouts?

On that note, and to push away any anti-spirited driving folks, I have seen many crashes in the mountains and been in a few, and the ones that hurt people senselessly were almost always just regular people. I don't think most people are disciplined enough to safely operate a vehicle at most any speed. Seems like most drivers don't even have situational awareness.

Now I'm done. Cool

YEA, what he said........

Yeah, get off of my lawn! Damn kids.

This is why we cannot have the nice things.

People not using turnouts aggravate me, but I try to be understanding because when I first starting driving in the mountains, I didn't know what turnouts were. If you didn't grow up/learn to drive/live somewhere where turnouts were used, I think it literally doesn't occur to you to pull over. Once I saw another car do it I was like oh, that makes total sense. But as a newbie, I literally didn't know to use them.

That being said, it really aggravates me when people don't use turnouts...

Also, it aggravates me that campgrounds are 'closed' in the winter (why?) and most especially that they lock the bathroom doors (why?????). Forum Index -> General Discussion
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