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Joshua Tree and other locals

Hello all,
I'm not really wanting to do an overnight trip in the snow, so. I'm looking for advice on other locals. Can anyone offer some advice for an overnighter, maybe 10-15 mile trail. High desert maybe... Just looking to expand my area a little.


Try the California riding and Hiking Trail in Joshua Tree N.P. You can park at the trail head on Geology Tour Road and go whatever way you want.

If you head to the lower, eastern part of Joshua Tree, you can just walk cross-country in almost any direction and have an enjoyable time.  There are a few light trails near the backcountry boards that can easily become 10-15 mile loops if you don't want to aimlessly ramble around.  It doesn't have the big rocks of the popular area, but there is lots of springtime life and everything has more of the classic Southwest color.

Eagle Mountain is a good ~15 mile trip, with dramatic rock formations similar to the popular part of the park and the option of passing Lost Palms Oasis on the way.

You'll have to pack all your water for these first two...

Joshua Tree - Quail Mountain area, Boy Scout Trail

Mojave National Preserve - Granite Mountains, Silver Peak area

This one has a lot of water right now...

San Mateo Canyon Wilderness

I was too lazy to write up anything for it, but here's a map and pics of Quail Mtn hike I did in December Forum Index -> Other SoCal Ranges
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