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It's a trillion degrees today........

..... which makes me wonder:

Taco, what south facing, snake-ridden, thicket-choked canyon, did you explore today ? Razz  Wink

Or did you just lay low and take your BBQ.... and one of these (the donut raft only you dirty dog Smile )

up to the East Fork and enjoy the heat ???

I know it's not snowing but rafting does equate to bikinis - wait,, let me think about that again, the bikini show on the East Fork isn't usually something to brag about...  Twisted Evil ya might have a better chance of seeing some cuties at a Home Town Buffet... and nooooo, that's not where I just spent the last 5 hours at  Embarassed  Embarassed  we went to the mall before that...

Just working outside in the heat! No adventures for me. Had to sell the adventure wagon. Confused Forum Index -> General Discussion
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